U/S Appt Update

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U/S Appt Update

So I finally got to go for my U/S on Friday!

It was strictly the dating U/S, and the U/S tec said to make sure we call the OB office and make sure the NT scan has been scheduled.

So they did change my dates - going by my LMP on Friday, I should have been 13weeks, 3 days, and she said I was measuring 12 weeks, 4 days. So, she couldn't tell me if the OB is going to use the new due date or not, but if she does, it puts my EDD now at Feb 11th.
AND......we found out this weekend that my SIL really IS pregnant! And her due date is......Feb 9th!

And so, here it is:


SOOOOO happy we got to see out LO, and the U/S tec was so amazing....she let DH be in the room the whole time, showed us all the measurements, and really took her time to get us as good of a pic as she could. And the HB was 153 beats/minute Smile

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What a beautiful baby ! How exciting to have two babies joining the family at the same time Smile

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Cute pic!

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So happy you got to see baby!! At my dating u/s sound, the baby was measuring 6 days smaller than the date from my lmp. I asked my OB, and she said they would only change my official EDD if the scan was off by more than 7 days. Yours may say the same thing. Good luck with the NT!

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Yay Jo! What a cute pic of your little baby! I'm glad you finally got a peek at your little one. Biggrin

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Hi, baby! Smile

Due dates are really just a guess date anyway. I like to think of it has having a "due month" since 2 weeks + or - on either side of the guess date is pretty normal!
How exciting that SIL is pregnant, too! I would love that if it happened to me!

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Beautiful pic! My mw at my ob's office actually ended up changing my due date even though it was only a day different. Kind of silly if you ask me. Wink

That's so exciting about your SIL! I'm alone this pregnancy. Last time around, my friend and SIL's sister were pregnant. The time before, SIL's sister was also pregnant lol. I tried to tell her that we have a pattern but she's not interested in having another one right now hehe.