Ugh :(

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Ugh :(

I have not gotten off the couch in 3 days.

I had my monthly appt last week, and it went really good. I hadn't put on any weight since my last appt, so by 24 weeks I was still sitting at a 13 pound gain, so my Dr was really happy about that (but I doubt I'll have any other appts with that result!). She said I don't need to do the GD test, so I was pretty happy about that. Since I asked for a referral to a nutitionist early on, at one of my appts with her, she gave me a glucose meter to have me keep track of my blood sugar - so at my appt with my Dr last week, she looked over my blood sugar records and said it's good, and I don't need to do the GD test Smile
I did still have to go for the usual blood panel though, and it came back that I'm anemic, so that's probably why I've been so exhausted.

......And then I got hit with the plague. DH and I were gone for the weekend for our nephew's 1st birthday party, and we ended up leaving early and not being able to visit with everyone.

I apparently managed to develop bronchitis in world record time. I managed to go from having a tickle in my throat on Friday night to having full blown bronchitis and no voice on Sunday morning!
So, I've been on the couch for the past 3 days. DH has been so amazing, he's been taking care of, the house, the groceries, the meals, etc.

However, daytime TV sucks!!!

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That SUCKS so bad Jo! Sorry you are sick. I had a nasty chest cold over thanksgiving that's still trying to stick around although I've been slowly feeling better.

Hope you feel better soon and that's so sweet your DH is taking care of you Smile

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I hope you are feeling better!!! Are you taking iron to combat the anemia? (((hugs)))