Update after first appt with OBGYN (w/ ultrasound pic)

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Update after first appt with OBGYN (w/ ultrasound pic)

My OB was out so I met with one of the mid wives, LOVED HER! Everything checked out well and got to see our little "muffin" (DD has named the baby "muffin" LOL). Saw the heart beat Dirol They changed my due date to Feb 21st making me 9 weeks that day but said baby was measuring more like 8 weeks and a few days (love that margin of error LOL).

Because my DD was 9lbs 15oz they sent me to do an early glucose test (yuck) but didn't require fasting before it (weird) and of course the oh so fun blood draw. My next appt is on August 15 where they will do the nuchal (sp) fold ultrasound check. I can't wait to see my little muffin again.

I was feeling nauseous 24-7 but it has lessened a lot (thank goodness). Really looking forward to the second trimester.

None of my pants/shorts fit any more so I picked up a bella band and some maternity shorts (under belly and soooo comfy!). My boobs went from a 36DD to a 38E so some bras and tops were needed as well. I have only gained 3.5 lbs and I am pretty sure most was in my chest (DH is happy, my back is NOT!)

I am still REALLY tired but am starting to get back some energy. Hoping to be more active on here now that I am able to keep my eyes open :D.

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Ahhhh! What a cute little muffin! It sounds like you had an awesome appointment. I'm glad you're feeling better and can't wait to hear all about your NT scan! :D:D

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What a cute picture Smile

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Great appt! And great pic! I have already got out my maternity pants. I tried the bella band thing and it doesnt work well for me... I dont know if its because I am short, but it bunches up. Sad So maternity pants it is. And I went from a C to D cup, so I am feeling your pain.

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Glad you liked your midwife! My ob practice doesn't have any, just doctors. I'm also wearing maternity pants around the house. I'm back to work (teaching) in a few weeks, and I'm just in between right now. Maternity is too big, but my regular clothes are too tight. I might try my bella band.

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Hi little muffin! It's amazing how quickly the grow! My scan was done at about 7 1/2 weeks, and baby still looked like a little blob. In fact, in the picture they gave us you really can barely see baby.

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Congrats on such a great appointment! And what a sweet little muffin!! (I love that nickname by the way!)

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Love the pic x glad your feeling better too x

I have my maternity pants on too and mine are under the bump elastic waist and there comfy Smile

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I'm glad you're feeling better! I feel your pain about the bust size. I go up at least cup size every pregnancy except the one I lost (and it never goes away). I started my first pregnancy with wearing a 34C. I started this pregnancy at approximately 34F. I am NOT looking forward to getting any bigger.