Update on us (*LONG!!*)

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Update on us (*LONG!!*)

So, we're at home .
.........And I'm still pregnant.

Because of my GD and my insulin needs decreasing, the Dr's decided to induce me on Tuesday the 29th. Well, I was admitted, and given a dose of Cervidil (don't know if I spelled that right - it's like a skinny tampon soaked in hormones that's supposed to fully ripen the cervix).
Well, I had to stay hooked up to monitors to make sure me and baby were doing OK, and the Cervidil stays in for 24 hours.

So, first day in the hospital was spent alternating between needing to be hooked up to the monitors, and pacing the hallways and grounds around the hospital. I was checked on Wednesday, and cervix was still only a fingertip dialated, high and hard. So another round of cervidil was done. So day 2 in the hospital.
Thursday was the exact same - checked, and my cervix was still high, closled, long and posterior. So round 3. Still in the hospital, alternating between being on the monitors and walking the hallways, climbing the sairs, and stressing out what the next step would be. Apparently the statistics are 90% of women go into full labour within 3 rounds of Cervidil.

Friday, I was checked again, and still no change! Cervix was still high, long and closed. They only do 3 doses of the Cervidil, so now it was time to change our plans. I started to lose a little bit of my mucus plug, so they decided to send us home for the night and see if my body would start to dialate and go into labour on it's own. We were told to go home for the night, and come back on Saturday morning and we'd try a more invasive attempt at getting me into labour if things hadn't started happening overnight.

So Saturday morning comes, we show up at the hospital, get admitted to L&D and start getting Oxytocin (a version of Pitocin). 9 hours of increasing Oxytocin later, and I'm contracting every 1.5 to 3 minutes, but still not dialated at all. My cervix was still high long and very posterior.

So we decided to try a catheter. They insert a folly catheter through the opening in the cervix and over the next few hours the balloon inflates and forces the cervix to dialate. So we tried that - and it may have been the most painful thing I have ever experienced. They actually clamp forcepts onto the cervix to grasp it before trying to push the catheter through.
Unfortunately I wasn't even dialated enough to get that through. So, we were given 3 choices: 1) try another round of Cervidil, 2) go home and give my body a break, or 3) go for a C-Section.

We decided to come home and do another round of Cervidil, but this time as an outpatient. I'm not sure what's goinhg to happen. The Cervidil is really uncomfortable - it's still causing me to contract regularily, and is giving me bad back pain.....back contractions, but rather than coming and going like the ones in my front, it's just constant, and there's nothing that works to relieve the pain - I'm having to take morphine or codine and sleeping pills just to get some sleep at night.

I'm not sure how much longer I'll go on the Cervidil for.....I have a feeling I'm headed for a CS later this week, and I'm kinda feeling like I'm prolonging the inevitable and signing up for a few more days of pain and discomfort before caving and getting a section. They've told me any time I come in and say I'm done, enough is enough, they'll take me for a CS, but they're not going to push it, they're leaving the decision up to me (....for now).

So I'm worried about saying I'm done and asking for a Section, because first of all, it's surgery, and any surgery is risky. Secondly, worried about my reaction to the drugs they'll use - The nurses and the OB have told me that an OR has already been prepped specifially for me with only pre-approved/safe drugs, but still.....when an allergy is potentially fatal, it's hard to get over that worry of "what if". And finally, I'm kinda worried that if I don't go through labour or experience it in any way, it's going to affect my bond with the baby, and I won't feel as strongly attached to her (I know this worry is crazy, but I can't stop thinking about it...)
Also if I get a CS, DH has used up his paternity leave this week, and will only have a week at home with me and the baby before going back to work, so I'll be recovering from surgery and won't have anyone to help me at all.

So, that's the update on us. Not sure how much longer I'll go - my body is getting tired, and emotionally I'm a wreck
So thank you thank you thank for all the support and good vibes, hopefully next time I post I'll be saying that baby girl is here!!

Sorry this is soooo long, good luck to Jina and Nicole getting induced this week!!!

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So many hugs to you Jo ! I can't believe what you are going through Sad I'm so sorry!

I have no advice or experience with induction, but I'm sending good vibes your way that your body will decide its ready and start responding better to your induction so you don't have to get a CS. I don't think it's wrong/unexpected to worry about your connection with baby girl because I would probably feel the same way, but I think your going to be an amazing mommy to your little girl no matter how she comes into the world.

Thank you for updating us by the way. You have a lot going on so it means a lot Smile

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Jo, (((((((HUGS)))))))

I'm sorry you're going through all this. I'm sure this isn't the birth you had in mind! I hope hope hope that the last round of Cervidil did the trick and you are holding your Baby Girl right now or will be soon! I hope that if you do have a c section, it goes smoothly and that the recovery is easy as well. Sending you TONS of positive vibes!!!!!!!!! (((((((HUGS))))))))

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Oh Jo! I hope this round works for you. :bigarmhug: I had some sort of prostaglandin tablet inserted when I was induced with DD1 so I've never had the cervadil but that's what I'm told they use here.

Good luck and keep us posted Smile

and I agree with Meg, you are going to be an awesome Mommy no matter how she comes out!

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Bless - hope not too much longer x