We are having a.....

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We are having a.....

GIRL!!!! So excited to buy pink! Been so used to blue that I am having a hard time adjusting! So excited. Name will probably be Audrey Elizabeth.

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Congrats Nicole!! I was wondering how the U/S went!

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Congrats !!!!

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Yeah that's great. Girls are the best Smile x

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Congrats!!! Yay for your little girl!!!

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Awww, congrats! I am probably biased because I have 2 already, but I just love having girls Smile

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Congratulations!! Girls are SOO much fun!

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congrats and I love the name!

I agree with pp, girls are so much fun! Biggrin

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:lurk: Congratulations! As a fellow mommy of 2 little boys who is hoping to get a little girl on my last go round I know how excited you must be! I also can't imagine buying pink Wink