We are having a...

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We are having a...


DD wanted a little sister and was bummed until I told her she didn't have to worry about sharing her dolls and pink toys. She smiled and said she would still share her other toys :biglove: I love her! DH is beyond ecstatic and I am just happy that he is healthy and looks fantastic.

Last month we took a road trip to Pennsylvania. That was a LOT of driving and will be our last road trip until the baby comes. We had a blast though and DD got to finally meet of of DH's side of the family (which included a TON of cousins). I am feeling awesome and am so excited to start planning a registry (our family LOVES to shop LOL). I have only gained 11 lbs (at 20 weeks). With DD, I had gained 22lbs by now! We are thinking about going with the name Maksim (nickname will be Max). Last name is four syllables starts with Vec***kovich. DH and I are at a loss. We were trying to think of something different or unique but can't come up with anything that flows with Maksim and our last name. We both love surfing and drag racing. I like these names but am not in LOVE with them as a middle name: Steel, Cam, Ryder, Beau, Hart, Gage, Cruz, Payne (just kidding, poor child with that first and middle name would be destin to be a UFC fighter LOL). My Mom suggested Maksim Aleksander (DH's first name). It sounds great together IMO but his name will be HUGE then! Poor little guy, maybe we won't give him a middle name LOL.

20 weeks to go!!!

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Yay ! Congrats on your boy Smile

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Woo hoo, that is so awesome!!!
Lol your DD is so cute, saying she'll share her other toys Smile

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Congrats! Too cute about DD Smile

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I love the name options too Smile