Weight loss ?

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Weight loss ?

Hey all, hope you are all well.

Well I have this week lost 3lbs so since fell preg am +2lbs. Which on one hand is good as mw said to aim to gain 10 to 15 lbs. but how bad is it to loose weight?

I'm at mw on Wednesday coming do will let her know. Little girl seems happy enough kicking the hell out of my ribs so I know she is fine.

I'm also feeling sick still (not being sick tho) as long as I don't drink milk.

Sorry for winging ... Again

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I've lost 10lbs and only gained back about 1-2.

I was losing steady up until a few weeks ago, now I'm up and down week to week. So my 'gain' doesn't always stick lol. My docs have not been worried about the loss as baby is growing well and pregnancy has been progressing nicely.

I have also spent a good chunk of this pregnancy feeling sick but as long as I am careful about what I eat I've always kept food down (most of my vomiting was very early mornings before breakfast).

Good luck at your appointment!

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Baby is going to take from you what it needs first and foremost. As long as you are eating a healthy diet, and baby is growing appropriately, if your MD is not worried, you shouldn't be either, and just be grateful that you will be less than your pre-pregnancy weight when this is all said and done! I also know that this is not as big of an issue with those who are overweight to begin with... If you are underweight or normal weight to begin with there might be some concern that baby may not be getting enough nutrition. Those who are overweight have extra fat and energy to "give" to baby. I am not sure what category you fall in.

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I lost 11lbs and my mw was flipping out about it. So far, I've gained all of that back plus 5lbs.

I think as long as baby is growing, you are feeling [relatively] ok, and your provider isn't worried then it's not a big deal though.

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I think that you should must follow these tips to get effective results...
1. Drink more water.
2. Take low fat and carbs in your diet.
3. Avoid eating junk food.
4. Take a cup of green tea.
5. Must do some exercise like cycling or swimming.

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