10 weeks? Wow.

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10 weeks? Wow.

I'll be 10 weeks at midnight. Can't even believe it. Officially farther than my last pregnancy lasted. And still doing well.
I'm very excited. And very excited at the possibility of the end of morning sickness. (please please let this be the end of morning sickness!!)

I found this and had a good laugh Smile

Week 10 | Alphamom

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yay!! I am happy for all of us. so close to the second tr.

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Yay! I'll hit 10 weeks this sunday! Crazy!

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I'm ten weeks tomorrow! And feeling good Smile Hope the morning sickness leaves you alone soon x

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I am popping Zofran and vitamen B like they are skittles and the Morning sickness has me down too. I am 11 weeks tomorrow. I had one loss before Stetson, 7 weeks so it's slightly surreal to me as well Smile So glad you got to 10 weeks. I say there are celebrations in order. I am breaking out the sparkling grape juice!

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I hit the ten week milestone on Friday (I had to double check my ticker). I'll always be a little late to the party since I'm the last day of the month. I'm just amazed I was able to get knocked up on my own...well DH helped Blum 3 I agree sparkling grape and apple juices for everyone! Cheers to making it this far Smile

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*lurker* Yay SUSAN! So happy everything is looking great this time around! Smile CONGRATS!