1st appt and ultrasound today

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1st appt and ultrasound today

I had my first OB appt today. I was a little nervous because I am used to being under the care of midwives with my last pregnancy and always saw a nurse practitioner for annuals in the past. The OB was so friendly and knowledgeable - great combination. The nurse who saw me beforehand was also great so I think I made the right choice. We did get a dating u/s and even though my LMP has me at 7 wks, I measured at 6 wks 5 days which didn't surprise me since I thought I had ovulated closer to CD 17. So my new EDD is Feb 28 (also updated my ticker). We got see the little heart flicker and he said everything looked great. My nuchal scan is scheduled for 8/20.

He is having me take daily low dose aspirin until 13 weeks because of my h/o HELLP. They also recommeded I try the following combination for my all day nausea: Vitamin B6 25-50mg every 8 hrs, not to exceed 100mg/day & Unisom (doxylamine succinate) 25 mg every 8hrs. Went out and purchased right after my appt so I'll let you know if it I have any luck. They also said another OTC option is Emetrol 1-2 Tbs upon waking.

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I've only done two doses so far but I think the B6 & unisom combo is working to decrease my nausea. I was able to eat dinner late last night and breakfast this morning without having to force myself to eat. The only issue is that it makes me drowsy (unisom is sleep aid so no surprise there). It actually helped me get some decent sleep last night though so that was a bonus Smile

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Sorry I missed this!

I'm so glad things are going so well!!! Smile

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Great! So glad to hear another ultrasound went well and was a happy occasion, and I hope you get some relief for your sickness. xx