24 week appt and post op scan :)

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24 week appt and post op scan :)

Not the best pic, but the ultrasound was awesome!! I got to see feet and hands and moving and it was just so fun. Was the first time I could really feel all the movements and see them at the same time. Was just wonderful.
He's measuring great! Over a foot tall, and weighs about 1 pound plus 5 ounces. His legs are actually measuring a week longer (just like daddy, his legs are long with big feet already! lol) My cervix is great, and he's definitely a boy (which we knew already).

Appt not as great. I've dropped another five pounds, so I've lost 10 in the last month. The dr is not pleased with that. I've just been super depressed and stressed and feeling bad so much. I don't even feel like eating very often. I never realized how badly pregnancy would affect my depression. I'm trying to get it under control. She's suggested that I not reduce my dosage of my anti depressant (I was told I would have to), and getting to a counselor. I'm going to do both of those, and hope for the best. She said I really really need to show some weight gain next appt. (I never ever ever thought i'd hear anyone say that to me!!)

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hugs sweetie. I lost all during my pregnancy, I gained 1 pound and the next month lost 9. I was down 40 lbs by the end. It happens, try to eat healthy but don't beat yourself up. I was on the same dosage of anti-depressant with my entire pregnancy. I was on prozac if that helps.

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I always lose but I've got PLENTY to spare. Maybe a schedule would help make sure you're eating? Or smoothies? I find when I'm not "hungry" that I can usually drink something. Hugs!!

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I would second the smoothie idea. I like them in the mornings. Easy and usually gets my energy up.

So glad your little boy is doing well. Gotta love ultrasounds!

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Thanks everyone.
I Think It's Less How Much I Weigh, And More That I Was Gaining Slowly Like I Should And Now AM Suddenly Dropping It Fast.
I've had luck with counseling before, I'm definitely ready for some. It's causing relationship problems too. He's gone for a week now, needing some time to 'think'. I feel like that was a little unfair with how badly I'm feeling, but i guess this is hard for him too, to deal with my depression. I'm feeling bad enough, then on top of that feeling guilty and silly for even being depressed. We've been so anxious and excited to be pregnant for so long. and i know so many that would love to be where i am in this pregnancy. I feel ungrateful, but I'm not. I love this baby and am happy to have him.

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So sorry Sad My sister dealt with worsened depression with her babies and postpartum too. Glad you are trying to get a handle on it before baby arrives. (((HUGS to you)))