2nd MFM u/s
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Thread: 2nd MFM u/s

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    Default 2nd MFM u/s

    We had our 2nd MFM ultrasound and echo today. Baby seems to be doing well overall. Little wiggle worm was making the tech work hard for some his heart shots. He is still showing a ventricular septum defect. The MFM doctor said nothing to be too concerned about ("do not lose sleep over this"). He says he doesn't need to see me anymore at the MFM clinic, but they are setting us up to have consultation with a pediatric cardiologist over at our local children's hospital so that we can have another echo, talk with them and get a better understanding of what kind of follow-up this kid will need after birth.

    Baby is head down (yea!) and measurements are on schedule. They guessed he weighs 3lbs some odd ounces (I can't recall the exact ounces). My cervix is long. The CPC (aka brain cyst) was gone. The pelvic cyst was difficult to locate and very small at this point so not really a concern. We saw him practice breathing through his nose. Overall, we feel we are in good hands and are interested to hear what the cardiologist will have to say.

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    It sounds like great news overall, Christina. Really, really happy and relieved you had a more reassuring scan this time. x
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    That all sounds like great news! I'm so glad things are looking up for you and your small one
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