7/6/13 qotd :)

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7/6/13 qotd :)

What's your favorite way to spend a weekend?

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Playing with my hubby and kids!

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Going to the park and pool with dd and DH...... If he's in a good mood..haha.
The pool at our local park was upgraded last summer and its more like a water park. Its really awesome. Its just been so rainy t's summer that we haven't gotten to go much. Tis is the rainiest summer i can rememebr in a long time.

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Spending time with DH and watching him play with dd, going out and about as a family.

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In our back yard BBQing with my boys. We have a huge back yard and Stetson loves to run around and roll in the grass... He must be part dog.

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Spending time with family and being outdoors (weather permitting)