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So school has been in for 8 days and my kids have lice. Looks like dd got it first--she had the most at around 40-50 eggs and bugs combined, ds1 had about 20 and ds2 had 1 adult and 6 eggs (his was the easiest to find with his white blonde hair so I'm sure I got all of his--i saw it first on him). So I was up until 3:30am last night trying to decontaminate my house. It was after showers I found them, so at bedtime for the kids. I spent the next 3+ hours shampooing and lice combing their hair. My poor older 2 kids didn't go to bed until after midnight, my 5 yo got off lucky with his super short, super blonde hair and got to go to bed after I changed all his bedding and combed him. The baby doesn't have it. Dh searched my head and found 2 eggs and that was it. I still shampooed (which the box says "ask doctor if pg" etc.) Hoping that was ok! After I got the kids to bed, I stayed up and vacuumed all the rugs, gathered all the soft stuffies etc into plastic bags and started bedding to wash.

What also sucks we had planned to tell our kids about the baby tomorrow night after my 16 week appointment. Now I'm not sure they are even able to go to school! Which means, I have to cancel my appointment and I'm sure I won't get another for quite some time--the office is busy. Dh can't take time off to watch the kids for my appointment and if I can't send them to school, how can I bring them to a doctor if they might still have some lice?? Anyone know what the protocol for lice in school is these days? This is obviously our first case of lice so I am clueless!

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Normally they won't allow the kids back untill it's been 48 hours or so after first shampoo. Call your school and check. Each school has. Different policy.

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Well, you could remain clueless and send them. If you've shampooed and combed them that's the main thing surely? Kids here in the UK don't get sent home for lice. I'm kind of surprised by that, unless you have different lice to us, super-lice or something, lol!

Nah, we just get them treated, send them in and let the teacher know to inform other parents so they can go about checking and treating their kids too. It seems to work fine. DS has only had them once from when he was at his childminder about a year ago now.

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I was a school nurse for a couple of years, and the reason why they can't go back to school for at least 24 hours in that county was that not every parent is committed to the decontaminat effort. So the kids are still spreading the "love".
I was a high school nurse, so i didnt have to deal with it much. Bt, i had friends in the elementary schools that would beg me to come help when there was an outbreak or non compliant parent. It still gives me the chills.......
I am totally in favor of the stay home rule. If you aren't super diligent, then all lice or "super-lice". (Im scratching my neck just writing about this!!!!!)
Holly, sounds like you are an awesome mom and doing the dirty work. That is such an overwhelming task to clean the clothes, ending, and house that well. Hats off to you with all the kiddos you at caring for. Big hugs..... Can you treat yourself to a pedicure next week or something as a reward?

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Well, we stayed home from church yesterday and cleaned all day and went through each kid's hair 3 times. DD took the longest--she was so sick of it! I found nothing the last 2 times. I called the school this morning and said if they had been treated and we could find nothing left, they could return to school. So, I gelled up the boy's hair (I heard lice really don't like the gel or hair products bc they can't feed well or lay their eggs) and I put dd's hair up tight and gave "no hugging or sharing things" instructions. The school said the nurse would go do lice checks in their classrooms and send a note home--good! I would want a note home if someone had lice in the class (most likely there is someone in dd's class who either A-didn't tell anyone they had it, or B-don't know about it. School is the only place she has been that she could have picked it up--because the only house she played at recently, I told them about it, who checked her dd's hair and found nothing so she didn't get it there.

And yes-super diligent--vacuuming every single day, washing clothes and bedding every 2 days for the next few weeks, and nightly combings for all of us. A re-treatment on friday or saturday.

So the kids went to school and I went to my appt! Update in another post Wink