Advice for my lil man (3 yrs old)

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Advice for my lil man (3 yrs old)

So on a plus side my dad has been doing extremely well. We have no 'official' cause as to why he had his seizure but he hasn't had anymore thankfully. All his follow up tests showed a few normal small issues for a man of 60. High Blood Pressure, some blockage in his arteries, and a few other minor issues, which are all easily manageable by medications. The problem we are currently having is with my almost 3 year old son. He's having a hard time with this whole situation, and I am not really sure how to help him with it. We were fully potty trained until this happened, now he has what seems to be panic attacks when ever we take him into the bathroom, This is where my dad fell so I am assuming that's the association he is making in his head. So we are back to full time diapers. The other thing is that he constantly cries can asks if 'Papa' is ok or if he is hurt or if he is ok now.

Not sure what else to do. We talk to my dad on the phone on a regular basis, we even let them skype every other day or so. He got to pick out a doctor book that explains that doctors make everything better. I am just at a loss of what to do for him, He's struggling with this and I don't know how to help him. Any suggestions?

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Lots of hugs and reassurances... Let him draw a lot... Very therapeutic for kids who don't have the vocabulary for their feelings. Validate his feelings "that was scary but he's ok now"... LO will be okay

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Glad your dad is doing better and no additional seizures have come about.

I agree with the above post that it is important to help your son process this frightening experience. I was just reading about similar situation in a book (in the example they gave, the child was two years old and had witnessed his nanny have a seizure while driving them in the car resulting in an accident). Hopefully, I can pass some of the tips they gave onto you. Talk to your son about what happened and help him retell the story if he remembers pieces of it (e.g., "Yes Papa was sick and fell down. Yes that was scary. Papa had to go to the doctor. Now Papa is all better. Remember we talked to Papa on the computer yesterday and he is doing okay.") By going over the story again it may help him to understand what happened so he can start dealing with it emotionally. It is tempting to want to distract kids when they start to revisit the scary situation but those emotions are left unresolved and can then resurface in other ways. Talking about it will hopefully help him process using both the left part of his brain (facts of situation) and right part of brain (his emotions) and allow him to resume his daily routines. Hope you find something that helps your little guy.

ETA: You may have to revisit the story multiple time over the course of several days before it is fully resolved for him.