Anatomy scan today with some possible worries.

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Anatomy scan today with some possible worries.

I thought I'd update you. We had a 20 week anatomy scan today and my mind's not totally at ease as there were a few possible problems noted. Firstly the baby (still probably a girl) is measuring behind by about a week. The measurements are consistent with each other all over her body, just a week behind. I think that the uniformity of the measurements is possibly a good sign, but it still bothers me slightly as I worry the fibroids are stealing all the good stuff from her.

Her right foot is also showing possible twisting, and they couldn't get a good look as she wasn't moving, but it was twisted inwards. It's not clear if she's just holding it that way possibly because of lack of space, or if it's something that will need treatment after birth. Either way, it's not too serious.

The other abnormal finding was the skull, which appears to be 'slightly compressed'. It's a nice uniform shape, but not a perfect circle, it's more an oval. Didn't look horrific or anything, I'd never have thought there was anything wrong with the shape, but they spent ages measuring and remeasuring. The doctor, who to be honest I didn't really get much of a feel for as he didn't talk a lot, said it could be being compressed by the largest fibroid which is now 15x11 cm. We have to go back in a week to check all these issues again, and to check the face and lips, which were hidden by the placenta. There is plenty fluid in there, just what they would expect, so again, that's a positive sign.

But anyway, it's not quite the happy experience we hoped for, and we didn't even get a picture because she wouldn't show her face. I really hope next week will bring some answers!!!

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Hugs!! At one of mine the baby decided to get all weird (the pic I have looks like a creamy alien skeleton) though our tech could tell it was a combo of position and interference of the sound waves (not a problem), but it was still a bit weird. Here's hoping baby is just fine and is practicing making mommy nuts!

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:bigarmhug: In respect to her overall size, I remember your due date had been shifted, is it possible she is just measuring closer to the original EDD? I hope you get some better views in the next scan and everything turns out well.

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"xtinagreen" wrote:

:bigarmhug: In respect to her overall size, I remember your due date had been shifted, is it possible she is just measuring closer to the original EDD? I hope you get some better views in the next scan and everything turns out well.

Thanks Christina Smile I've been thinking the exact same thing. My EDD was 26th of Feb when we had our early scan, because our initially we appeared to have an empty sac at 6 weeks, then a 7 week embryo at what should have been 8 weeks. My date was shifted back again to the 20th February at my 12 week scan. I did mention this but the doctor scanning me said the measurements taken at 12 weeks are the most accurate for dating. I'm not sure I have much faith in this, especially given that all of the scans I've had have had noted that visualisation was poor (fibroids) and the position has always been slightly awkward to view. I'm going to ask my consultant for her opinion. If I am able to go to term I want the baby to stay inside as close to 40 weeks as possible!

The talipes of the foot we can deal with. It will need physio, but from what I've read, if it does turn out to be just this it is minor and correctable without surgery in most cases. And it's only on one foot. He said the other was fine.

The skull thing is the one I'm most worried about, I'm just hoping it's actually within the range of normal shapes and this doctor was just looking for problems because of my fibroids. Several staff at the hospital mentioned that they are very short staffed right now, having trouble fitting everyone in for their scans, and I know he was brought in from outside as an associate. He's a doctor, but not a consultant, and it's also possible he's not as often doing these kind of scans. His bedside manner was horrendous!

I did sleep on my opposite side last night though, thinking if I lie on the fibroid it won't press down on the baby. Felt a few kicks last night after a few days she was very quiet. She's facing into my belly so that's why I think I'm feeling so little, the placenta is at the back and she's snuggled into it.

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I'm glad that all the measurements are all consistent, that's always a plus. Also, if I remember correctly weren't you pretty sure on your last LMP or Conception date? As stated your EDD changed by about a week. Our doctor last week at your ultrasound stated that head shapes can range quite a bit with different babies depending on the mom, baby, and situation. So I am hoping that this is the case with you. What day is your next appointment next week?

-Big hugs-

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I'm really the lousy one here! I didn't remember any of that!

I'm sorry that they have some negative news. I'm glad that most of it seems like it's not serious. I'm hoping for great great news from you with your next update!!

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Hoping for a good update at your next scan! Babies are good at worrying mamas from the very get go! I keep thinking my kids will eventually outgrow making mama worry, but then I hear my MIL talking about worrying over her 27 yo! Part of being parents I guess!

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Thanks everyone. My appointment is on Thursday morning, so I have ages to wait Sad In the meantime I've spoken to the midwife who rang to make the scan appointment, and she said they have a consultant doing the next scan, not the same doctor. I'm quite pleased about this as I didn't like his manner very much and didn't feel totally confident in him. I explained i was worried about the compression of the skull that he kept talking about, and the midwife said the consultant has already looked at my scan and isn't worried about that aspect of it. The fact that they've seen talipes is still a worry to me though as it can be linked to an underlying condition that is much more serious. I'm just praying it's 'isolated talipes' and nothing worse. Checking her each morning on the doppler for a couple of seconds at a time just. She seems fine in there, heart beating away nicely. I think I've felt a few more kicks which is reassuring, but she's lying facing inwards and kicking into my tummy rather than outwards, so the kicks are almost like a digestive pop inside, not unmistakeable baby movement. I think she really favours lying in that way.

I'm going to ring the midwife today and see if I can get any more detailed results from my combined NT scan and blood tests. In our area they just tell you low or high risk for abnormalities and don't give you an actual figure like 1 in a 1000 or whatever. It's one of the things the doctor asked about, and he was pleased when I said I'd been given low risk. He just said "oh ok that's fine then".

I'll update. Thanks so much for the support here.

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Oh I am sorry you are having to go through all this worry. I have my big scan on Thursday too, and the wait does seem far away.
I am sending prayers that your baby is just fine and those darn fibroids don't cause any further issues.