Anxious... Piog

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Anxious... Piog

My first appointment is the 12th... I'm starting to get anxious.... My last pregnancy was a early miscarriage but I had no symptoms and no bleeding.... Came as a shock when we went to do the sono and there was no baby (sac but empty)... Still no bleeding until (after many sonos and tests) I took cytotec at what would have been week 12 (sac never grew, blood numbers rose minisculy)... Just worried it'll happen again... Only 3 friends know and they've never been there so they just do the normal reassuring thing... Same with hubby... I guess I'm just venting... Thanks for listening!

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I know what you're going through. I am there myself. I have had a lot of cramping this pg, and it makes me nervous. Are they doing serial betas and progesterone levels on you? They are doing that with me and it is somewhat reassuring. They did not do any of that with m first miscarriage so im not sure what the numbers were to compare to this pg.

I know for me , i will not feel less anxious until i hear the HB and get past the 12 week mark. But atleast you have company!
Take care and try not to worry, because there's nothing that we can do but wait and pray. Everytime i get good numbers back or have a day with less cramping i just say a prayer that while i am nervous and pray that i will carry this baby to term, today i am grateful because today i am pregnant. Im trying to be thankful for what today has given me.

Hope you have a good day today. Smile

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Hugs!! I understand the worry. If it helps at all, when I went for my first check up this time, the OB said chances are high that everything is just fine. We did two blood draws to check my rise and so far, so good. Hang in there!