Any day now!

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Any day now!

I've hit 37 weeks!!! Yay!!! I'm so anxious for this to all be over with! I want to meet my LO:) I'm ready when he is! Any other mommas hit the 37 week milestone?

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I'm not due until march 2nd, so I just hit 33 weeks today. Which is good, I have done ZERO preparations for baby! I need to get dh to pull the baby gear out of the garage rafters so I can wash it all and get it ready. I think this week I'll pull out the girl clothes I saved from dd and throw it through the wash, although I do not have a dresser for baby yet. I did empty out one of my drawers in my room so I think I'll see about putting all of her clothes there for now. I feel like I'm going to be holding my breath until our house gets built :/

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I'm due feb 1... Though between a history of pre-e, history of GD, current GD and insulin use since October, and my blood pressure creeping up... I doubt I'll go past 39 weeks (plus at my last apt on Friday I was 1 cm dilated and 20% effaced)... So less than 2 weeks. No more than 3

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I am jealous! I'm not due till the 19th. Will more then likely deliver the week of the 14th. I just want healthy baby! That's my main goal!

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I'm all about letting baby cook until he's done, but have to admit I'm jealous of you guys closer than me too! I just want to meet this little guy! Smile I'm pretty sure he'll be right on time though, and that's the last week of february.

I'm also getting very very worried and anxious. I feel like i have no control over anything when he's inside. On my other board, the january ddc has had two losses of babies full term. That's out of like 30 women. It just seems like I know too many women who've lost one, and that's so so scary! If he was out here I could check on him, and make sure he's ok whenever I want. I just want to know I'll have him and he'll be ok, and I'll get to take him home and keep him, you know?

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Yeah i am feeling like this baby will be early but maybe by only a week. I could be wrong... but I have finally hit nesting hard.. and i am starting to get my bag packed. clothing prepped. I have an appointment tomorrow and then a doula meeting friday, and I am excited for an open house on sunday... its a dream house that we have been watching for months now. I say dream because we are still trying to figure out how to afford it.