anyone else...

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anyone else...

Just wondering if anyone else has had different things happen with this pregnancy V.s your others. or just things you think are odd

I am getting really annoyed with skin changes. specifically my upper thighs have discoloration/ brown splotches/ freckles. I am happy it is no where else.

Ikd just thought i would throw it out there

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I feel I'm a different shape, everything seems lower in my pelvis this time, which is a good thing as I've had much less heartburn. My symptoms early on were also different to my last pregnancy, but I don't really have symptoms any more other than a big belly and being kicked!

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There's been a few differences this time from last time.

First is that I have 10x the heart burn as before. Which I didn't think was humanly possible. Oh I was so very very wrong.

I am carrying completely differently this time. DS was super high and in my ribs. Baby Girl is like sitting on what feels like is my cervix 99% of the time. She also constantly kicks or hits it.

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I really can't remember all that well, but it seems similar. I remember mostly being so tired, and I am again this time, but for the most part, I don't have many symptoms right now.