anyone else feel unprepared?

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anyone else feel unprepared?

I am feeling unprepared... and starting to get anxious since we are all headed to the final stretch.
I get the feeling this lo will be early.. but i could be wrong... but maybe a few days or a week or so.

I have sooo much organizing and cleaning to get done.
I also have a big Sams trip planned but no idea who much freezer Space we have.

We have literally no freaking space and moving before baby comes is just not in the cards...

I feel like all i will be doing is shoving more stuff up in the attic to deal with later... besides the get rid of or ebay list stuff.

my doula was like all baby really needs is mom a boob or bottle diapers and a place to sleep. they have no clue how much your house is not clean... I realize that but i hate it because i am normally a really organized tidy person.

not to mention how hard it is to get stuff done with a 2yo.

sorry not really menat to be a vent just wondering where everyone else is at

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Our master bedroom is currently nothing but dry wall. And the 'nursery' is our room. I will try to post photos later. We finally this weekend just went and bough a very large babies r us/ amazon purchase this weekend of everything else we need. So We need to get on it, like last week. We are still waiting on the nursery furniture to ship out even. It's going to be a very very long week.

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Haha. Who's not ready? Hmm... MEEEEEE!!! I'm not ready AT ALL!!! I got a crib in August for a great price, and some clothes piled up waiting. I have NOTHING else.
We decided to wait until after christmas for doing and buying baby stuff, bcs christmas is so much in itself. So now we have nothing at all. We are planning on spending some major time and money in January, making sure that it all gets done and bought. I'd like to have it all done by the first weekend in February. (haha, i know it won't!)
It sounded good to wait a few months ago, but now i feel ridiculously unprepared! I don't even have a carseat if he were to come early. I told Tom if that happens, I will pay online and have him go pick up in store... so at least we have a plan?? Jeez, I'm awful!

We aren't doing a nursery right away, we are giving it until summer for him to stay with us, and then we will move him out! So at least I don't have to worry about that right yet.

Also, I'm sooo ready to hold and love this guy, but I feel like we need some emotional prep too. It will help to go to a few stores and pick things out, and talk about things. And we have a childbirth class this month.

Tom and I got married when Marcus was 4, and he doesn't have any of his own, so it will be the first baby he's had in the house. I'm sure he's capable, but I want to make sure he's ready, and has no questions. I think he's terrified of labor and delivery. He's a pretty quiet, roll with it, kind of guy, so he never asks things, and I wonder what he's thinking, but I can tell he's uncomfortable with the idea of seeing me in pain, and he's said he's very scared something will happen to me during delivery. I want him to feel prepared and helpful, and know what will happen if we need an emergency c-section or anything else.

So hopefully. All of that will be done by february....

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I still have a few things left to do, too. Well, DH has things left to do..... Haha.
We need to move DD s car seat and install The baby's base. There isa. Small place on the wall that needs to be puttied and repainted in the nursery where i took down something of Isabelle's..... And it didn't go as planned.... Haha.
I am also planning to get some more meals in the freezer. Today I'm doing some lasagna roll ups, super easy to make and fix after they are dfrosted, too. I made two enchilada casseroles yesterday, and froze one. They are both pretty easy. I had planned to do freezer meals with DD1 but she came before i got around to it. I already have some other things in there ke twice backed potatoes, mini meat loves, some casseroles, and some lasagnas, but I've got plenty of room, so why not add more???? It will only be helpful later.
I feel like i get more done when i just try and chip away at it all in smaller chunks so i dont get overwhelmed as bad. I will do things in 15 minute increments and give myself permission to stop and get a snack or something. It does eventually add up.

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Yes and no, like I know that there are things that need to get done but I think even if baby came early it wouldn't be a huge deal if they were not done yet.

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Totally unprepared. We don't even have a name. I have just over 8 weeks to my due date and I'm guessing she will be late too. But still. We have everything we need for her, but not out and ready. I have clothes saved from dd--all her baby stuff and select things that lasted all the way to the sizes she just outgrew--6/7. But I have to pull out the 0-6 month bin and go through it all and wash it. I have to have dh pull the bassinet, car seat, swing, bouncey, etc from the garage rafters so I can wash it all and get it ready. We have NO room for baby's clothes so I have to figure out that whole situation. We have a 3 bedroom house and soon to be 5 children. Our house is stuffed to the max but our new house will not be completed until about fall. So I need some creative space solutions. Thinking of putting dd's bed on risers and putting some rolling bins under her bed for clothing. Right now she and ds3 share a room and will until baby sister needs the crib in there. Then I'm not sure where to put everyone.

I am in the process of offloading all of my baby boy clothes- and I have 4 large bins labelled 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 12-18 month to get rid of. That will make room at the top of my boys room closet. :/. I have a feeling January will be filled with purging and nesting!

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Glad to know i am not the only one.

Holly~ i understand completely the lack of space...I am freaking out since i have started to clean out our closet which is the attic access, and i can tell you the attic will be bursting until we move this spring. and sharing a room with DD and this next Lo will be hard to say the least.

Amber ~ how do you do your prepare your freezer meals are hey full cooked and you just heat or are they put together and you toss in oven? I forgot about or car seat delema. I was hoping to put the infant seat next to Lilly but they wont fit side by side in my car and then we lose a spot for an adult to sit... and in my moms truck which fits the whole family we can't instal the base unless it is in the third row and dd seat has to be where it is to use the anchor.

Susan ~ were you the other person who was thinking about a Doula to help Dh and you during labor?
Oh and have you given though to a big brother gift ?

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Most of the meals i freeze are things that are mostly out together, but need to be baked. Like lasagnas, chicken pasta casserole, or the enchilada lasagna. the hard part is done, they just need to bake.
Twice baked potatoes are done, they just have to be baked the second time.
I love freezer meals, it makes my life so much easier. I always have something ready if i need it. But right now im just trying to get more things in there than usual.