Anyone else still waiting to tell others?

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Anyone else still waiting to tell others?

We still haven't told any family or friends that we are expecting again. Last time people knew about us TTC because it took awhile and we ended up doing IVF so the resulting pregnancy was hard to hide. Our plan this time has been to wait until after our 12 week ultrasound (just to be on safe side) but I'm worried I will spill the beans before then. Also I feel I've been avoiding people because I feel so crummy a lot of the time. I used my UTI as an excuse this week but now one of my friends wants me to go do stuff with her and I don't want to raise her suspicions if I say I still don't feel well. Her being a nurse, I'm worried she would sense something was up. It is also hard because I'm close to my mom and would love to tell her everytime I see or talk to her but she tends to share info with others so I feel even if I asked her to keep it quiet it would still get out.

I guess that is why I am so glad I have this board because while I have to pretend I'm not pregnant around others IRL, I can come here and be my tired, nauseated, cranky pregnant self Smile

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We have only told immediate family and my BFF. I just want to get past 12 weeks since we have a history of 2 losses. I dont know why, but im not really dying to tell people the same way i we with DD. especially work people for some reason. I will tell them at our next faculty meeting which I'll be about 14 weeks then.

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yes, we are only Dh, Lilly, and my mom know, i am surprised my sister or step dad hasn't figured it out yet. we have a bet going on which one will figure it out first. i am waiting until we have heard the heart beat/ and had our first scan.

i may even wait long to tell my dad since last time he was so annoying telling me i had to call all of his family/ extended family and tell em all right away. i was like no thats ok dad you can tell them,. i have never been close with my dads side of the family ever, and i though how awkward would that be to call someone out of the blue who you haven't talked to since you were a kid just to tell them your expecting.

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Lurking from March....

We haven't told a soul Smile Not even my doctor knows yet because I haven't made an appointment. I have had 4 losses, 2 of them we told people and then had to tell then we lost the baby. It was too hard. I will be 8 weeks on Sunday and we are visiting my ILs for a WEEK starting Saturday night. I feel nauseous a lot but I have not thrown up. My SIL has been visiting us all week and I don't think she suspects anything yet, but she is also barely 19 and has no kids, so she probably wouldn't know the signs--like I dry heaved this morning when cleaning up cat puke (something I usually have a strong stomach for) or that I take a snooze on the couch every afternoon (so glad she is here to play with the baby!). But I wonder if my MIL will notice :/ Especially while camping for a few days during our trip to see them. And how I don't plan on jumping off the cliffs into the lake like I did last year without hesitation. Hm....

We do plan to tell them after we have a good h/b at 12 weeks or after. Depending when I call and can get in for a first appointment.

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We've only told my immediate family and d/h's immediate family...and a few very close friends. My boss at work also knows. Otherwise we haven't told anyone else. I've had 2 u/s's already, heard the heartbeat etc. so I know baby is fine...just haven't been real excited to share this time around. Not sure why. Maybe b/c this one was/is such a huge surprise to us. I guess I don't feel like I NEED to share the news to everyone. The people we truly care about already know, so I don't feel compelled to tell anyone else. I think about this a lot, as with d/d (well all my kids, actually) the F.B. world knew by time I was 8 weeks! I haven't decided if I'll make any sort of announcement this time.

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We have told a few people. Mostly just the Parents, this Birth Board and then my son's birth board. I have told one or 2 close friends. Other then that we will wait a few more weeks. With Stetson it was a very different situation with my ex, it was a surprise. most people knew by the time i was about 8 weeks because his mom told everyone she meet and in a small town it spreads fast. We were not married, and all this hub and lub about it. So this time I am really looking forward to telling people and being excited about it. We are going to be doing an announcement photo for the siblings and then facebook and we are basing it off of this one. I didn't get to do any fun announcement stuff with my son so this time I am going a little over the top! :rolleyes:'s picture
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At this point, I'm 8w6d and I've seen baby on ultrasound 2x, and heard a hb both times. So far, we've only told my parents, but were going to start telling family this weekend. Starting with my boys on Friday!! I absolutely can't wait to tell them. We're planning on video taping it. (If its possible and I configure out how, I'll upload the video here). The next morning we will be leaving for vacation at an uncle's lake house in upstate NY. We are going to let the boys tell my husbands family (his parents and siblings and their families) who will be vacationing with us. We may also see some cousins that week and tell them. We'll be telling the rest of the family in the weeks following vacation. And after my next docs appointment, on Aug 15th, we'll make a Facebook announcement. If the video of the boys turns out we'll probably just upload that to Facebook.'s picture
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Kendra, that announcement pic is so funny!! I saw one on Pinterest of a couple holding their 2 older children upside down and sideways with a caption that said something like, "as if things weren't crazy enough already, we pleased to announce we're expecting baby #3 on such and such a date". If our video doesn't turn out we might consider that one Smile

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:lurk: from Jan

Still mostly in the closet here, at 14+ weeks!

The ladies from DD1's birth board knew the day I got the BFP.

We told ILs a few weeks ago, since they are OOT and we were visiting them. The girls wore matching "big sister" shirts.

We'll tell my parents tonight. We're going over to celebrate my dad's bday, and DD1 made a card that said "happy birthday from the five of us".

I wanted to wait to tell most people till I'd heard a hb (which I now have, as of a few days ago).

I'll tell my bosses in a week or two (or three), and a few other close friends somewhere in the same time frame.

Probably won't make a big announcement on FB like I did for the others.

I just know that as soon as people know, I'll have to talk about symptoms and baby names and whether we're trying for a boy this time (hate that question) and yes we know what causes this, etc etc.

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I finally broke down and told my best friend today. She is moving into a new house and I was helping her take down the old blinds, etc. She started talking about how we would need to climb up on tall ladders to reach the higher windows and paint walls. I didn't want it to seem like I wasn't willing to help her with that and she knows I'm not afraid of heights. So I have sworn her to secrecy because she is close to my family too and I still don't want others to know until later. I'm kind of relieved to have told one person though.