Anyone having sex??? tmi

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Anyone having sex??? tmi

just wondering or is it off limits now that we are in the third trimester?

I mean personally ... feel like it or not?

Yes or is it a no go ?
interested or not?
How is your Dh feeling about it?

Dh and I had no problem with being intimate through my whole pregnancy with Lilly. even when he said baby moving freaked him out a bit.

I just had a weird experience.

Mind you i have not felt like it and since i had that rash/ problem we quit for 3 weeks.

Well I thought tonight would be nice... but I think i just turned Dh off for the rest of the pregnancy.
I broke out laughing in the middle had no control over emotion at all... early in the first trimester i broke out crying while dtd and now Dh is mad i can tell.

I tried to explain it had nothign to do with him at all. I feel bad... like i ruined his ego

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My drive is gone... But I'm having horrible hip and glute pain so that kinda makes it not so fun... Plus chasing two kiddos (5 and 3) all day... I'm exhausted by bedtime. Hubby and I do other things, snuggle, I touch him often when we're together (rub his shoulders or head as I walk by, kisses...) and he knows if he wants some play he's welcome to mention it and I will help Smile (it just isn't comfy for me to be on my back or on top). He's also welcome to have "shower fun". But we've been married 8 years (together 10) and are very connected in other ways that sex isn't generally a huge part of our relationship anyway.

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I've just been sooooo dang tired!
I have the drive and i'm interested, but I'm tired whenever we have the chance. He is interested all the time lately too, but then we are tired! lol And busy. Seems like we are always running two directions. Maybe that's why we're tired?? Wink I'm hoping things slow down soon, I'm tired of being tired. I LOVE the holidays, but this year, it's exhausting.

Chris, I'm sorry, your story made me laugh. Poor dh! lol He'll be fine. Just a little male ego bruise.

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Chris- totally made me laugh too, only b/c I could see something like that happening to me as well. I hope your hubby isn't too upset- it's always hard to explain the emotions of a pregnant woman to people in general , much less our husbands;) heck I don't even know why I do/say some of the things I do.
Anyway, we are still dtd here and there. My being pregnant has never been an issue with hubby's interest in it, but, I'm actually having a little bit of a harder time with it. I mean I want to- my hormones seem to "rage" some days, but like Susan- our timing seems to be off. He likes it at night before bed, and I'm usually too tired. I am more "ready to go" in the morning or during the day, and during the day it's next to impossible between work, and 3 kids running rampant. Plus, I'm just uncomfortable and feeling semi- self conscious, so that doesn't help matters. Seems to ebb and flow for us lately.

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I feel so much better hearing what you all have to say, and i am glad to have made some of you laugh. It has been really unpredictable for me. I to would much rather dtd in the morning but usually i am the one up with Lilly so its not convenient. I am also way to tried by the time Lilly is in bed, but i had her down early last night which is a rarity.

Dh gets kinda lazy and forgets that there are other ways to be close and touchy feely lovey besides just going at it.
I would take a back rub every night over sex at this point.

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We both want it but at different times...DH is ready to go at night when I'm just dragging my feet and propping my eyelids open, whereas I'm ready to go in the morning (especially if I had one of my steamy sex dreams ;)) but I can barely nudge DH into consciousness. But it has been that way for awhile as he is more of a nightowl and I switched to being more of a morning person b/c of our work hours and then having a baby around. I guess it just feels more extreme now in pregnancy and then tack on the heartburn, hip pain and gassiness which can make me even less receptive to having my husband hit on me Blum 3

Don't feel bad about laughing during sex (I feel I have done that too even when not pregnant!). I'm sure he will come back around soon.