anyone registering?

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anyone registering?

So i was just wondering since i think most of us are already moms, are you still planing on registering anywhere? and or have you?

I am a couponer so i plan on registering but haven't got around to it yet, and I am not really sure how much i really need since i have almost everything from when Lilly was born.

I will probably at target and Babies Rus. Does walmart give good coupons?

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We registered at bru and target too (for the discounts)... We need a few basics like a cars eat (ds1's baby seat expired), a pack n play/ bassinet (we got rid of ours when ds2 stopped using it), and some replacement parts for the pump (bottles were getting gross, little plastic pieces...)

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Yup. We registered for the coupons. Dh's family also wanted to know what we wanted so it was easier. We did BRU Target amd

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I didn't consider registering just for the coupons and discounts, but maybe I will now. We will be needing a few small items like new bottle nipples, pacifiers and bumpers for our tables. Everything else we either already own from DS or have purchased already (like my new breast pump and the new double stroller). I'm still getting BRU coupons every month from when I registered for DS. If this baby is a girl I anticipate I will not even need to say the word clothes before people (mainly my mom) will be giving us enough little girl clothes to dress twins Smile

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I am registering. I've done this before, but my youngest turns 12 on Friday. So we have nothing and I think it's reasonable to have a shower at that point. No one was happy about my pregnancies before bcs I was far too young. This feels like something we should be celebrating Smile
I've done amazon and walmart so far.

How do we get the coupons you guys are talking about?

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Walmart might be too cheap to hand out packets? I guess i just assumed they did? But i know at target and babys r us they give you a goodie bag with coupons in it when you go to the store to register. did you just register online? maybe you get coupons in e-mail or snail mail?

I think we might register this weekend. I guess it just depends on how I feel.