Appointment and Pic's

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Appointment and Pic's

Well i couldn't be much happier, baby looks great, and the hb was 176. I was soo excited when they decided to do a quick scan to check my dates.
I say they since both doctors and nurse mentioned it. And just like i said my dr. told me to ask away with the questions since he had a mama in labor, and then he was whisked away. I got to see the back up who i like, but my appointment ran a little over , so my dr. came back after the baby was born just to congratulate me and see that everything was going well.

as for the scan
baby was wiggling and then decided to be shy and turn away, just like my first. lol
booth measuments she took CTR one was 11 w 4d other was 12w 1d, also she noted my placenta looked great!

here is the best pic the rest will be on my baby space:)

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Congrats on a good appointment! Don't they look so big already Smile

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Posts: 997's so cool how we are starting to see little bodies with distinct heads and limbs now Smile

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