Appointment today

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Appointment today

I have my monthly appointment today with my OB at 3:40. I'm really looking forward to it- as I have been wanting to find out if there is something stronger I can take for my migraines/headaches. I don't imagine this appointment will be all that exciting, but oh well. I saw on my clinics website that they offer a quick ultrasound at every appointment with a Portable handheld scanner (Vscan). Does anyone else's offices use these? I'm curious if they will actually offer it or if its only something they use when it's needed. I guess we will find out a little later:)

UPDATE: my appointment was totally uneventful. Took my vitals and heard baby's heartbeat (she didn't tell me the range this time, but I heard it, so that's all that matters) no quick u/s scan. She didn't even mention it. That's ok. Next appointment is my anatomy scan! Sept. 17th!!! I'll be counting the days...

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Mine uses them, only when they are not finding the heartbeat thought. So I am curious to see if they use it there. Good luck. Appointments are always fun.