Baby Names, All time favorites

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Baby Names, All time favorites

Well since we are starting to learn the genders of the babies I was thinking it would be fun to make a list of our all time favorite boys and girls names that we would use if DH/SO did not veto or dislike. I know we are having a terrible time with names, naming a baby when there are 2 people involved is way harder then I pictured! lol:rolleyes:

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Girls: Elora, Sylvia (These are our top 2 girls names currently)
Names I love but DH does not: Sumner, Sennette, Sutton, Ariannah, Athaleen (For first name) Gentry and Aislynn

Boys (All names I like but DH doesn't we dont have anything): Solomon, Sullivan, Scheidt, Knox, Raybourn, Beckett, Bennett, Barrett.

We both like Patterson Ray but are worried that Patterson and Stetson are too matchy matchy for siblings.

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Both DH and I have first names that start with "C" so we agreed to not give our kids "C" names, also avoiding "K" since similar sound to hard "Ch". So there are some names I would consider if we didn't have this automatic disqualifying rule.

Girls: Charlize, Cecilia, Coraline, Clarissa, Camilla, Calista, Chantal

Boys: Connley, Conner, Carter, Chase, Calvin

Another hard thing is avoiding names that are same or similar to ex boyfriends' or girlfriends' names. There are names I like but they would probably remind me or DH of that person.

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We like classic names that aren't used much anymore. Nothing too trendy, and nothing too strange (I think this is because I work in a school every day and have to decipher some pretty out there names and spellings.

For a boy we like:
George (family name)

For a girl we like:
Jean (another family name)

I really love the name Lucy, but I jumped the gun in an infertile fit, and named our puppy that two years ago Wink

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Thats what happened to me too.... I love Sophie and Sofia, but our dog's name is Sophie.

I like Abigail, EmmaGrace, and GraceAnn, but so far DH isn't going for them. I'm hoping that I can convince him on Emma.