Been MIA!

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Been MIA!

Hello everyone! I'm back! Lol. I've been super busy this last month and realized I forgot my password on here so I couldn't quickly pop in to say hello. Hope everyone is doing well!? What's new??? It looks like I have some catching up to do on everyone's posts.
I wanted to share our news that we had our anatomy scan done on Tues. we were still sort of up in the air as far as deciding if we wanted to find out baby's gender...well, baby took care of that decision for us, as he was not shy in showing the goods, haha. Yes- we are having a BOY! That's 3 boys for us and one princess. I have to admit I was (and still am a little) shocked. I was soo sure this LO was a girl, but LO and behold another baby boy. We are really screwed when it comes to boy names. D/H and I can not agree on any! Girl names are always so much easier for me/us...not sure why?
Anyway, Am I the only one on team Blue so far??!

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Oh congrats!! We have 3 boys and 1 girl right now--and have yet to find out this one. Smile I have lost count on who is having what so far!

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Oh Congrats Maybe we can have another name thread and we can come up with some boy names. Smile

I have been MIA too.

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Posts: 349 You put in names you like (girl or boy) and it will suggest others you might like.

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Welcome back and congratulations on your little boy! I love name threads so more than happy to chip in with suggestions Smile xxx

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I love name threads too.... as you probably all know! Congrats on the baby boy. Glad your back!

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Fantastic! Smile Congrats on your sweet little boy!