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Big surprise

Well we were TTC so it's not a complete surprise, but didn't think we could get pregnant on our own so that's the surprising part. Little background on me: family consists of me, DH, and 1 1/2 year old DS. With DS, we TTC for over a year before seeking fertility testing and ultimately conceiving DS via IVF. It took me a little while before I became comfortable with idea of second child because DS's birth did not go as planned (I developed HELLP), DS was not a very easy newborn and I had PPD for about the first year. Once we decided to TTC #2, we wanted to try on our own for about a year and then if we didn't get pregnant, we would discuss if we wanted to pursue fertility help again or just be content with one child. In all honesty, we didn't have very high hopes that we would be successful on our own given our history. Since our previous testing told us that our issues were likely male fertility issues, DH agreed to take some supplements that were supposed to help and eat less junk food. I was using OPKs to predict my ovulation, using an expectorant to help thin CM around my fertile window and using SMEP to help with BD timing. Well our third month of TTC, I realized I had lost track of my cycle because I had O'd later than my LMP would have predicted, fortunately the OPKs let me know that for BDing, but I had no idea when to expect my period. So I took a test yesterday morning and was surprised to see a faint line. I had another faint line this morning, slightly darker than yesterday's.

Sorry this is such a long post. Due date calculator says Feb 26, but that's based on LMP and pretty sure O'd a few days late. I'm still kind of in disbelief that we got pregnant on our own and for that reason I'm tentative to get comfortable just yet. We are planning to wait to tell family and friends until closer to second tri. I may not be on too frequently the next week or so as this all sinks in. But I just feel a need to share with some people and has been such a great source of support in the past Smile

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Whoot!!!!!! Got to love those surprises Wink congrats. HH9M. I

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Congratulations, honey!

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Congrats and Welcome...HH9M to you!

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Thanks for the warm welcome. Even though this is my second pregnancy it feels like such new territory for me. I'm so used to being closely monitored with blood tests and scans already set up for me by this point with first pregnancy. Now, I got my BFP and I'm like what do I do from here...feeling more lost than the excitement I would have expected. I'm sure that will change soon. After my last L&D went a little off plan, I was told I should probably be under OB care (vs midwife prenatal care I had following the fertility clinic) if I became pregnant again. Guess I need to start looking for an OB, hopefully one who is open to natural childbirth.

Looking forward to chatting with you all over the coming months Smile

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Congrats, and welcome.

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Congrats to you!!! How exciting Smile

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Welcome and hh9m Smile I can kind of relate to your shock as i'm here in similar circumstances and it hasn't sunk in yet here either! Lots of love xxx