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Birth boards

What are some other birth boards websites that some of you are visiting? is the only one i participated with DD, but we can't really seem to get this one going.

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none, and i was thinking it was way slow here too. where are all the ladies at?

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They are so slow!!! Sad

When I joined here, we had just started trying (2009) and I was so excited to join one, and now we finally get this ball rolling, and it's all quiet!

I'm also on JustMommies, but I'll keep coming here! This is really my home, but I like having some busy spots and more ladies to know Smile

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Sorry, I tend to fall off on the weekends because I'm either busy with work or if I'm not working we keep busy with other stuff.
This is the only board I have ever joined. I've lurked on a couple other boards but some of the members scare me from ever wanting to join them because they come across as mean spirited. I've found the peeps on overall tend to be nice and supportive which really drew me in and helped when we were struggling to get pregnant and then when I was struggling as a first time mom. I wish our Feb group was a little more active but then again I'm not a huge social internet person, I don't even have a facebook account Wink I kind of like having just a handful of people to get to know and share this experience.

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This is the only site I've been on. I think it tends to be quieter in summer with kids home from school, nice weather outside , and vacations Wink

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This is the only site I've been on since being pregnant with my daughter back in 2006. It is quite here, I think we should start a 'Hump day Bump day' thread every wednesday, now that most of us are farther along, we need belly pictures!

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I have to agree. Very slow on this board. Very very sad. My December board has probably 40 members. We moved it to facebook when they closed ours on here. Sad I dable on but they are extremely mean so I don't post... nearly ever. I tend to just lurk. The posts about people having wine while pregnant really bothers me. Or the ones who drink once a week really freaks me out.

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I lurk on the What To Expect boards (mostly Jan.) and wowza...what a joke. The daily drama is ridiculous. People there are just flat out mean and judgmental. It's amusing to say the least. I just can't join in there, though. Drama is not my thing.
I agree, maybe a hump day bump day would help get things moving a little? I've been here (off and on) since 2006 and I've never seen these boards so slow. I think people are just leaving bulletin boards altogether and starting FB groups. Kind of a shame...I highly enjoyed the boards with my last three kiddos.

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Well, it seems everyone is thinking along the same lines. I dont have a FB account either, so this is my only real connection with other pg moms at the same time.

Lets try and get some more activity even if its just amoungst ourselves, it may be a small group, but it will be what we make of it.

Does anyone know anymore games threads we could keep going like the ABC one? Any daily thread ideas? How about a moderator? Does give us one or do we have to declare amoungst ourselves? Anybody else have ideas?

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The Mods are 'appointed in the second trimester by the owner of pg.og. That much I know. We had a 'Day in the life of... thread on my last BB it was fun. You take a bunch of pictures of what you. or your LO/LOs do all day on a normal day then post it on here with descriptions

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I was also disappointed at how sleepy the board is because I only posted here with DS. I joined a facebook one last week which is a UK group and very big. It's huge, but almost too big to feel like you get to know anyone much, and I always quite liked talking with international mums rather than just the UK crowd.

I liked photo posts a lot, would second that. I'm embarrassed about how much I'm showing though. Not sure I'd post a bump pic till it was a bit more normal to look my size - the fibroids have made me look about 4 months along! Happy to post other pics though, like house, car, local area, kids, favourite places, fav. piece of clothing or DS's clothing, craft stuff... anything really Smile

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Stormy weather..... Those are some great ideas for picture posts. Im going to start a few threads on those and well see where they go.