Birth story and pic's

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Birth story and pic's

So since I haven't been able to access our birth board for some time, and i want to share my birth story and some pic's finally. I miss you all !!!

So Saturday the 15th was ok but that night i had the hardest time sleeping I was up almost every hour. I got up early Sunday the 16th about 6 am and waited for Lilly to wake up. I had a few contractions here and there didn't think much of it since i had had a few other nights like it.

I was dead set on making it out of the house at least once to pick up discount Valentines Chocolate and my splurge Coffee. It was around 11 am before we were ready to leave the house. I left Dh at home, but grandma and grandpa came with us... it has been hard to take care of Lilly by myself. So we made it to Walgreens which is about 2-3 min from our house. We went straight for the seasonal isle where Lilly found the Vday Balloons and proceeded to play with them while i was in chocolate heaven. I left her and grand parents in the isle to get my Coffee, and all i hear is evil giggles and squeals plus "hi-ya" I was gone for less than a minuet and when i returned Lilly had managed to bite a balloon and rip off the string from another Grandparents couldn't catch her, their hands were full with chocolate. and all I could do was laugh and laugh soo hard.

I mentioned that I had to stop laughing because my water might break right there in the isle. I just couldn't break her little heart she was so joyous and i told grandma "lets just let her have a balloon, i will buy one since she already deflated one." and then she bit it and it was game over.... I said "forget it im not buying the mangled balloons." i took her to the car still holding back giggles... i must have look like an absolute lunatic.

Off to Mc Donalds o pick up lunch and then home, my window on drivers side is broken so in we went in to order, i had to pee. so i paid and went to potty while they waited on food. i know really healthy.


mucus plug started to come out... at Mc d's

I get out we go home we all eat...

I go potty again and the rest came. it was about 12-12:30pm

I head upstairs to talk to Dh and play with Lilly. I tell Dh we talk a little I'm not worried since it was 3 days before i went into labor with Lilly after losing mucus plug. I call Doula and talk to her about it and she asked if she can leave town about an hour away since she had plans but wouldn't go if i needed her. then my dumb *** tells her "oh its ok go ahead and go, im not having any contractions yet... it could still be days..."
By 2:30 I must have just knew deep down it was time because while i was having irregular contractions they did start to come more often. I worked on packing for the hospital and we played with Lilly.
3:30 they were about 8-5 min apart and i was constantly texting Doula through out the evening.

I don't remember much about the early part because i think i was in denial and trying to hide my pain from my kiddo. Somehow we managed to make it through dinner which was pizza at the time seemed like a great idea, then bath time, and i was holding back some tears as we went through our bed time routine.
The hardest part was when my little girl only wanted one story before bed, and I waited for her to fall asleep as i lay there, i have 4 agonizing contractions. Dh stayed with her to rest since we knew it would be time. I left our room in tears to labor down stairs, all I wanted to do was cuddle our little girl but i couldn't for fear I would wake her.
this was about from 7:30 until 9

I sat with my mom watching the Walking Dead, bawling and once i was done crying ... I got in to a argument with my mother about when i should call the Doula and why i hired her and how sorry i was that i needed my mother too but couldn't have her. I felt like crap and wanted to vomit but that wasn't until after i had made a bowl of ice cream that never got touched.

So all this while watching my show, i was timing contractions and playing ball with our Dog who wouldn't leave my side. I would stop during them and grab the ball and our dog. I later realized i may have been a bit rough. but he was my rock up until it was time to leave the house.

I labored in the bathroom from 11 until 11:30 at 11:16 I called my Dr. he told me it was my call and choice when to go to L&D, he would let them know to expect us. Then called our doula at 11:25 and told her to come. At about 11:30 i decided omg its time to go and go now. I had my sister take our bags to the truck and fetch my Dh. My mother called Doula back at 11:36 told her to meet us at hospital.
At this point contractions are at 2-5 min apart lasting 30 - 45 seconds

I have one from the bathroom to the couch, one on the porch one on hood of truck one before getting in truck and we are off to the hospital which is 5 -7 min away. My step dad drove us Dh held my hand and kept a cool rag on my neck, he was amazing talking me through the 7 or so contractions on the way to hospital.

We get to emergency entrance it is about 11:45 they call up to let L&D know. I have 5 or 6 before entering L&D, I get a wheel Chair ride to our room. And have to be hooked up to get 20 agonizing minuets of strip on contractions and baby, vitals on me and checked. I remember step dad bring up our bags and getting me water, Dh helping me work through contractions. i am screaming soo much but they keep telling me to breath through contractions for my baby, i was asking for my Doula who arrived after ten minuets of hell. I say this because they contractions were 10 x worse laying down.
I was 7 cm dilated when i first was checked.
This made me happy since that is over half way.

I told my nurse i wanted to get in the tub as soon as i could get off the machines. my Doula and dh distracted me enough to get through the bed torture , i could hear the tub water running and i was still afraid.
I was soo afraid i couldn't do it, and i would stall out and have awful things happen like with Lilly's birth.

In the tub I labored kept asking for my Dr. and where was the nurse. i crushed my Doulas hand and Spared Dh. he was my water man keeping my mouth from drying out.

I can't really be sure how long i was in the tub, but i remember being check shortly after getting in and i was an 8
Then I felt like omg this is happening... I kept telling Dh and my Doula to keep lying to me that it wouldn't be much longer. I only said this because i was stuck at a 9 for ever with my daughter.

I remember feeling the urge to push and so my Doula called the nurse to check me again and I was a 9 with a slight lip. they told me not just yet but i need to sit up more so baby could help me finish dilating. i was just kind of lying in the tub with the jets on full blast. so after about 2 more contractions Doula helped sit me up and i never once let go of the tub handy cap support rail on my right side or my Doulas hand on the left.

A few more contractions and I felt my water break then i cried and said i have to push i was a ten and they had called my Dr. the nurse disappeared and i was worried i was going to be alone even though Dh and Doula were still there. Dh assured me Dr was on way and nurse was getting ready for baby.
I remember pooin the tub and i was soo mad but it helped me to refocus. because every one was all like thats ok more room for baby to come on down and out.

At this point i felt great relief to push with every contraction. As soon as my Dr. arrived i could hear his voice and i knew it was all going to be ok, he checked and i was crowning and with a another push his head was out. i pushed again he got slightly stuck because of the angle and my body position. so Dr. told me to lie back and push hard... i wanted to stop but baby needed to come out quick so the nurse set me back a bit in the tub and one final push he came up and out on to my chest Dr. placed him.
He did not have shoulder distortion but because the awkward position i was in he got stuck but only for a brief time. my Dr. knew just what to do.

River came fast and furious.. my Doula said i was actively pushing for 15 min but the nurse said 45 min they go by when the mother first feels the urge to push i guess.

He was quiet and i was worried because his hands and feet were blue but once he was rubbed down and suctioned he started to cry. Dh cut the cord and River was promptly taken to the warmer since we both were all wet.

I guess my nurse had to weight him 3 times before announcing 11 lbs. 9 oz. and 22 1/2 inches long.

My favorite part of this was after being checked. I had no tears at all no stitches. i managed to time things right, i never even had an IV placed.
We were only there for about an hour and 45 min before he was born.
I had to sign consent forms after the fact.

He was born at 1:12 am, the only minor issue he had was bruising on his forehead and on the stuck shoulder/arm. Which is now gone.

I had some excessive bleeding but not nearly as bad as with my daughter. I got a shot and some crappy uterine massage. I guess my uterus was and is kind of lazy after my babies are born since it is hard to push larger babies out. my lochia is not bad at all this time.

I hope you all enjoyed my birth story and i can't wait to share it with other women. I am so happy to have had such a great birth experience this time.
Talk about empowering, I absolutely recommend a water birth it was such a pain reliever.

Here are some pic's

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Thanks for sharing! Glad you were able to labor and give birth in water Smile

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Great birth story! Thanks for sharing!