Birth Story, Sylvia (Pics too!)

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Birth Story, Sylvia (Pics too!)

So I thought she's been here for almost 3 weeks and I should update you ladies about her birth story and post a picture or two!

So on Saturday the 2nd I went to Triage for high blood pressure it was 151/104 at home and had been for a couple hours. I checked it at about 12 and it was 140/95. So I decided to take a nap and drink a large glass of water. Woke up at 4 and it was 151/104 so we called my OB, who told me to go to triage immediately, because we have been battling with high blood pressure for several weeks. So we called DH's mom to come watch Stetson for a couple hours and told her to bring her bags just in case. So at about 530 we arrived at triage, where checked in pretty quickly and hooked up to all the monitors. My BP was reading 145/95 at this point so they monitored me for a few hours and decided that they were going to place me on a medication to try to keep my BP down for another week and induce on 2-10. So, we went home about 11 that night. The rest of the weekend we monitored my BP at home with our own cuff and even on the medicine it was always over 145/95.

On Monday 2-3 we called and made a follow up appointment to see my OB and to have her review my BP readings for over the weekend. DH went to work that morning to get his list of things for others to cover while he was away, we both kind of knew what the doctor was going to tell us. So our appointment was at 2. He met me at the office. We went in sat down and handed the BP readings to the nurse to take to the doctor for her to review. After about 5 minutes the doctor came in and told us that she had called L&D to let them know we were on our way and that we'd be having a baby. Like I said, we both pretty much knew what was going to happen.

So I went in and arrived at L&D about 5 pm, I might have went to my favorite restaurant and had dinner first, I was starving!(Shhhh) So by 6 pm we were all hooked up to the monitors and such. They started to give me Meso (SP?) to soften my cervix which kick started contractions but I wasn't feeling them. I progressed pretty slowly I was 1 cm by 6 am. At 9 they checked and I was a 3 so they went ahead and broke my water, which started active labor. At 10 they started Pit. I was standing next to the bed and on the birthing ball a lot at this point. My OB came in to check me at 130 and I was at a 5. She said she was going to hang around the hospital for a bit then to head back to the office for a hour or two because she didn't think that I would be delivering any time soon. At 3 or so I told my nurse I needed to push, and she told me that she would have someone come check me but she didn't think I was ready. So a minute or two later the hospital doctor came in to check me, they had called my OB she was still in the building thank god! He looked at me and said I was complete and ready. My ob walked in right about that time and they started to set up for delivery, the other OB stayed and was helping the scramble to get all the stuff in the right place. So my OB told me to go ahead and push when I felt a contraction. So I pushed once and she was like 'WOAH, Hold on!' she pulled her second glove on and said go ahead. I pushed once more and Sylvia Athaleen was laid on my chest. I didn't tear so have no stitches, whoot. She was 5 pounds and 9 ounces 18.1 inches long born at 3:08 pm on 2-4-14. Her 5 hour labor was very very different from my son's 16 hours.

My OB did tell me that if DH and I choose to have a 3rd baby that I am not allowed to labor at home! Smile So now on the the good part. A couple pictures!

 photo 4d1b420e-d18d-40d7-b92a-9e91b6ebd613_zpsdc00d4fd.jpg

 photo c790ff89-7e1b-46da-9d53-b2806257b7ce_zps720908e4.jpg

 photo 06-IMG_5395_zpsae4bd65a.jpg

 photo 05-IMG_5392_zps3d4f7831.jpg

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Omg! She is soo Beautiful!! I hope your BP issues have been resolved since your little bundle has arrived. Congrats Mama!!

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Yup, my Blood pressure is great. It has been running 110/60 or so. It took about 3 days for it to level back out. My body hates being pregnant. Sad

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Thanks for sharing...I loved the part about you stopping at your favorite restaurant before heading to L&D Smile (it reminded me how as we were heading to L&D at 5 in the morning I commented to DH that we should stop at open donut shop along way b/c I was hungry & thought I would labor longer - good thing we didn't stop :p). What a beautiful sweet girl! Glad your BP has improved since delivery.