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Ok, this may even be a gross question, but i honestly dont know what is "appropriate" for this.....
I EBF DD and plan to again this time. However, i did need bottles for the rare occasions i was gone and then when I went back to work at 6 mths. I used the breastflow brand bottles and liked them. So, i kept them since they really didnt get worn out. Do people reuse bottles between babies? I honestly doesn't know..... Should i get new just for the sake of it, or what????

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If we had bottles from DS I would only replace the nipples and reuse everything else. Smile Bottles don't wear out or go bad. Unless they are from before the BPA was removed from bottles. If I remember correctly your girl isn't much older then my boy.

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In the past I've reused my bottles, but this time if I have to use bottles I plan to use glass. So I need to buy new ones since all my old are plastic.

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I replaced nipples that looked gross but that's about it. I got rid of all my bottles (a friend wanted them) after ds2 so I've gotta get a handful but I'm not worried... I also replaced the little flappy valve things for my pump cause they dry out and don't seal as well as fresh.

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Thanks guys. That helps a lot. I washed them all and they look fine, but i wasnt sure what people really did.....
I liked the breastflow, and plan to stick with those, so I'll just look for replacement nipples.
The pump flaps are also on my list..... You are so right.... They do dry out and it makes a major difference with the pump. I found tht out the hard way with DD!

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I'm late responding, but we kept all our bottles and collars and plan to use again with this baby. I threw out the old nipples because I thought they were looking a little cloudy and chewed so I've been buying some replacement nipples.