Bra issues

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Bra issues

Anybody have an idea for a fairly supportive bra that doesn't hurt around the band? I dont even know if that would exist. But, the band part is being flipped up by the growing belly and it hurts like crazy!!!!!! I have gone up a band and cup size, so i know thats not an issue. I havent worn an underwire type in months, so thats not a problem either.
I'd love to get some of the pull over bras that are kind of like a sports bra without the uniboob effect, but the past ones i tried on have zero support. Right now im a 36/38 D depending on the style/brand. So, support at work or outside tht house is necessary.

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I wish i could help you. my first pregnancy i went up 2 cup sizes and bands to size 46 E , I ended up in hanes sports bras , and bought 2 bras from catuque/ laynbryant and using a bra band extender. My size fluctuated a lot after Lilly was born, i mostly stuck with sports bras and nursing tank tops, because i was nursing. I hated my one bra from motherhood. I have heard there are other great online places to buy nursing bras or plus size, but they can be really expensive.

Once I hit 6 months postpartum i was down to a 42 DD and once I got prego I was back to a 40 D and i haven't changed at all.