Braxton Hicks Contrax and me rambling on...

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Braxton Hicks Contrax and me rambling on...

Who's getting them???

I get them on a daily basis pretty much all day long, no real pattern but they make themselves known. I notice them the most when I lay down at night for bed. This is totally normal for me- I've even had them come 5 minutes apart for an hour or longer while laying down...I don't tend to worry much about them, since this happened with all my pregnancies and all my kids were born perfectly healthy after 38 weeks. However, my water broke with all 3 of my kids as well (so I was sure I was in labor) sometimes I wonder (given the frequency) if when I actually do go into labor, will I know right away? What if my water doesn't break this time? They say most labors are quicker with each baby you have (which, so far is true for me) I'm kind of worried about making it to the hospital in time:/ my last delivery with d/d was less then 6 hours from the time my water broke to the time she was out (and I had an epi. - which can slow things down) so with an hour drive to the hospital and to drop off the kids, we may be cutting it close! Anyway, just some thoughts I've had these last few weeks. Anyone else thinking more and more about "D" day?

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I didn't have bh at all (that I could feel... I was NST monitored every three days for the last month or two last time and they showed up there but I didn't feel them)... My water broke with ds2.

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I am, it's really a sign of if I am doing too much. Trying to clean out our soon to be master bedroom was one day. But they are pretty constant. Never hurt and never close enough for me to call my doctor yet.
Glad to see everything is going well with you!

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No BH for me so far. I remember getting them a lot when I worked more hours during my first pregnancy. The combination of being on my feet most of the day and lifting people and equipment brought them on. Now I just feel really sore after my work days.

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not any that i can recall, but yesterday and today I have been getting so uncomfortable, baby is been elbowing me and sticking me in my side. round ligament pains suck too.

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I've definitely been having them. I can feel the tightening here and there. And at my last ultrasound the tech told me when i was having one. We also saw hiccups on the scan. Was so cute Smile