BTDT moms- diaper rash question

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BTDT moms- diaper rash question

So, I figured maybe someone could help me out here. My d/d has a terrible looking rash on her butt- well, more so on her crotchal region than butt. It's bright red. It doesn't seem to bother her too much. Normally when she has a diaper rash she screams when I put on any sort of cream- but when I put it on with this rash it really doesn't bother her. Do you think this could still be diaper rash or is there maybe some other sort of infection I should be aware of? It doesn't seem to itch or burn, it's just extremely red. It looks painful, and if it is she doesn't let on that it hurts her (not likely the case though) any ideas? Am I just used to really bad diaper rash with my kids where it hurts them or is a common thing? Ideas anyone?

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Skin rashes a one of the most difficult things to diagnose. If it was raised, i would say its probably yeast and some nystatin cream should take care of it. But, yeast usually hurts pretty bad. Most any kind of diaper rash, no matter the source, is usually uncomfortable at the least, so that part stumps me. If it doesn't clear up in a few days, I'd say take her to the ped. For a check. Dont put hydrocortisone cream on her bottom or groin though, too much of the medicine will absorb in that area, and they can actually overdose.
Sorry, i know thats not much help.

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Megan got a rash like that before, it wouldn't go away, so we went to the dr and it was actually a strep infection.

It's hard to know on your own, I would really get it checked out. Some of the things that it could be could cause more issues, and you'll feel guilty if you don't take her and it's something like that Smile