BTDT moms labor and kiddos

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BTDT moms labor and kiddos

I was just wondering for all the other moms, how did you handle beeing in labor with your first born or other kiddos?

I really hope to have as natural as birth as possible, and know that my current Dr. will send me home if i go to L&D too early, so how or did you labor in front of your other children?
also were they there for the birth?

ages experiacnes please share...

I am terrified of letting Lilly see me in sooo much pain. But at the same time I hate to be thinking about her stuck a home with grandma, I have only left her for a few hours maybe a handful of times. I just love being with her and feel like she might be upset with me for leaving her.

I have tried to go on dates with Dh and leave her for more than a few hours but i find i can't be away all that much.

I think she is too young to witness the birth, and will make it hard if she has to be taken away. I just don't know what to do or how we will handle it.

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Because I'm high risk with ds 2 I went as soon (within an hour or 2) as my water broke. My ds1 (at that point he had just turned 2)... Got to have a "super cool sleep over with grandma"! He was excited, cause we'd talked about how much fun sleep overs were and he had special pjs and some cookies to take with him. Grandma had a special snack and movies too! It's a special treat for big kids! We really talked it up for the last few months before going.

I went into labor at 5 pm Thursday and baby was born at 1 pm Friday. He got to come to the hospital around 3 or so and I had a special big brother bag for him (with some new books and stuff for when I needed to nurse or something.)

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In the past I've labored at home until I've felt it was time and just had my kids stay at their aunt and uncles house until they could come meet the new baby. Leaving my first son (who was only 18 months)to have my daughter was extremely hard for me but he did fine.
This time I am freaking out because the only 2 people who can watch my kids are the 2 people I want in the delivery room with me. I haven't asked my OB if my kids are allowed there during delivery because I'm so afraid to be told no. It's bad enough I can't record the birth.

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My kids have always stayed with grandma and grandpa- but they LOVE sleepovers (even my 2 yr. old) We will swing by my parents house to drop them off when I go into labor and then head to the hospital. With my d/d (our youngest) my water broke around midnight, so we packed up our two boys and hit the road shortly after it broke. They were asleep for the ride to grandma and grandpas even while I labored in the car (which weren't terrible contrax. But I did have to focus and breathe through them) if they heard/notices anything, they never showed it. They are now 6, 5 and 2, so there may be more questions this time around- but daddy will be there to reassure them and explain that mom will be ok, if I do happen to have a hard labor.

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With 2, 3, and 4 we had flown my mil in to stay with the kids. It is always a struggle to decide when to fly her in though so since she had to wait around for late babies with 2&3, we decided to buy her tickets when we knew we would need her for #4 so we bought them when we found out my induction date. So we just leave the kids home with her when we go. I don't know when we will fly her out this time. But I've never had fast labors. I tend to labor for several days before making much progress. My 2 older kids just got "the talk" about how babies are born recently and we talked about how moms get uncomfortable and then in pain as your muscles contract to push a baby out so they'll be a big help keeping the 2 little ones occupied if we need them to. They'll be 10 and 8 1/2. I also have a lot of friends who will come stay with the kids if I need them to or take them to their houses. Including my next door neighbor who is a good friend.

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My son's older (3.5) but has never had a night away from me, so it is something that's on my mind. He's very understanding and reasonable though, so I'm hoping he'll be okay. He's also very close to his dad and my mum, and mum will come and stay with DH to make it easier. I might have to have a section so that's an automatic 3 night stay Sad I'm actually mostly dreading him coming in to visit because much as I will be desperate to see him I know he'll find leaving again very very upsetting, and seeing him in tears will bring me to tears as well, but he'll probably recover much faster than me! I'm going to miss him so much. It's my main reason now for not wanting a c-section, so I can get home much faster.

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The plan is to have my mom come down and stay with DS at our house. She lives about two hours away so if we need someone sooner we will probably call my close friend or another nearby family member to stay until she can arrive. DS and I have spent a couple nights apart before so I think he will be okay and being in his own house should help.