BTDT Moms: when did you move your toddler out of crib?

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BTDT Moms: when did you move your toddler out of crib?

Question for those of you who have made the transition before with your kids: when do you move a toddler from crib to toddler bed? DS is almost 21 months old and will be about 26 months old when new baby arrives. Trying to figure out if I'm going to need to buy a second crib or if 2 years old is a typical age to transition to a toddler bed. We do have option of making current crib into toddler bed (already have the parts) so we could do a trial at some point, then if successful buy a toddler bed to give to DS or a similar convertible crib depending on which is cheaper. I also have a pack n play that can be used as bassinet/temporary crib for new baby while we sort this out. I really want to avoid DS feeling like he is being kicked out of his crib because of this new person in his life. Thanks for your input!

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Depending on where your new baby will sleep, if it was me I'd keep him in his existing cot but take the sides off and use it as a toddler bed, or buy another toddler size bed for him, and then keep the sides on this one for the baby to use. He could have fun choosing a new bed if you decide to do it that way.

DS had a cotbed from about 8 months (with the sides on) which he'd sleep part of the night in. He didn't have a cot till then. We took the sides off around his 2nd birthday, but he did fall out a lot. I was glad he was in the small bed and not a full single because this one was very low to the ground so he didn't get hurt. We ended up buying a sheet with 2 inflatable sausages down each side, and this was enough to encourage him to be aware of the edges of the bed. He only needed it on for a couple of months and then we were able to take the sausages out. He very occasionally still falls out, but only once in a blue moon now. He's 3 and a couple of months. He's a very active sleeper, which is probably why he fell out all the time at first. I know friends of his never fell out and the sides came off their beds much sooner!

We'll be keeping DS in his existing bed till the baby's 8 months old or so, because we'll co-sleep anyway. Then the baby will get the cot with sides back on so it can use this for naps, and DS will probably move into a full size single with a side rail just as an extra precaution against night bumps!

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18 months. I have a monkey baby who could climb out at 15 months. We moved him straight to a full sized twin no sides. And he never fell out. We got the bed and set it up. Left the crib up too. Let him pick his bedding out of 3 options and one day he just switched. Super easy but he hated his crib as times.

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They were all different! My first was exactly 2--his sister was born when he was 20 months and I kept her in a bassinet next to my bed for 4 months and then put her in the crib the same day he went to a twin bed--no frame, just the mattress and box on the floor at first. But I knew his personality and he never felt like it was "his" or resented her--he was excited for his big boy bed. DD was about 2 and 4 months--one in prep for #3 to be born about 6 months later and two, because she was potty training and I needed her to be able to get out and to potty. Number 3 was about 2.5 and we just took the side off to make it a toddler bed because no baby was on the way yet and he was potty training. He got a bunk bed (lower bunk) to share with ds1 (top bed) when he turned 3. My toddler is still in the crib and probably will be until about 2.5 because we keep the baby in with us for the first 4-6 months anyways. And we have NO room for another crib anywhere. We hope to have our house built and move in before baby needs to move out of our room....I hope. :/

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Mine were different too!
My first hated moving to a toddler bed at 2. My second couldn't wait, before he was two!
Good luck!!

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Isabelle was never a climber really, so she was about 2 and a half i think. Our crib converted to the toddler bed, and it was already at the lowest setting. So, it was really just the removal of the side rail and placing the half rail on. It's just about 8 inches or so high, and only the top third of the bed, where her head is.
She did fall out one night, early on, it's not been a recurrent issue.
She will be getting new furniture and the baby will use that crib and other furniture. Her mattress was organic..... So I'm getting as much mileage out of that thing as i can!!!! I was going to keep her in her room and just get new furniture, but she has said shed like to move to the other bedroom. So we may do that and keep her room pretty much then same, especially if its another girl, which I think it is.