BTDT: pacifier weaning?

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BTDT: pacifier weaning?

DS turned two recently and uses pacifier at nap and bed times (though he would take one during day if given opportunity). His pediatrician recommends to wean before new baby arrives so DS isn't taking baby's pacifiers & swapping mouth bacteria, plus so it won't affect DS's hard palate shape & teeth over time. She recommends quitting cold turkey and then he should be okay after a few days. We think we will start weaning this weekend since I'm not working so a few rough nights won't affect us too much.

Question for the BTDT moms: How did you successfully wean your kid from pacifier? I will add that I don't think my son would understand the concept of giving his pacifiers to another baby or pacifier fairy - I have heard of those tactics but think they would be over his head Wink

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Mine did it themselves so I'm no help.... Just wanted to offer some hugs and support. Maybe just get rid of them all?

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same here.. Lilly never really used them much... she mostly played with them.. i just started to throw them away every time i found one. which we didn't have much any way..... I hate to say it but maybe some other security item??? kind of a trade and eventually it will get easier. Lilly was obsessed with her Woody doll for a few months and wouldn't go or do anything with out it. maybe a special teddy or something He loves and just give that to him instead of paci and slowly change over to that item.

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My DS was also a nap and bedtime paci user only and we weaned my DS when he was 2.5. We were shocked at how easy it was. DS2 was born right after DS turned 2 and we wanted to wait a few months. We used different types of pacifiers for the two of them and so that was never an issue. We had been talking to him about getting rid of the pacifiers for a few days and so one day we (DS included) decided it was time and we gathered all pacifiers, walked to the trash can and threw them away. He didn't ask for them until bed that night and then asked us to take him to the trash man's house to get his pacis back! But there were very few, if any, tears over it and he was fine with it. I think it was better to wait because he was more able to reason and understand than if we would have done it when he was 2. Good luck - I think it's almost harder on the parents!

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First nap without pacifier today and it took him ten minutes to settle down after crying. When he asked and pointed, I showed him there were no pacifiers on his dresser and said they were all gone which seemed to make it worse. He woke up again after an hour and started crying again. I can't seem to calm him down and he has his two lovies in bed with him. Sigh...I hope he gets through this before start of next week. He is such a good sleeper normally and it is so tempting to just give him a pacifier so he will put himself to sleep, but I'm trying to stay strong Sad

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My oldest was a napper/bedtime only though he would take one during the day if he found one. He was getting 2 year molars and kept chewing holes in his binkies. So every time one would get a hole, I would cut the top off and tell him it was broken and he would throw it away himself. I also had him throw away anything I needed thrown in the garbage, telling him to throw it away, it was broken. So then I just over the course of a few days, one by one cut the binkies and had him throw them away, broken. When he asked when he went to bed, I reminded him it was broken and he was ok. He was barely 2 also.

But my current baby is a bit more of a binky addict so I'm not sure what I'll do there. He only has 2 left that the stupid cats haven't chewed the nipples off (anyone else have that problem with their pets chewing pacifiers?). So I'm torn between trying to wean him before baby is born or after. He turns 2 on January 26th.

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Back when Meg loved hers, 14 years ago lol, we took it away at one yr old, because that's when they told us tooth damage and misalignment starts. I have no idea if that's still the same, god knows what research has been done since then. We just took it away cold turkey, like your dr said. It was kind of heartbreaking to hear her want it, but she really was ok in a day or two, just like your dr says. It made her sad, and as mom that's HARD, but she was fine, and not permanently scarred. We didn't try to sit and talk it out or anything, we just put them all away while she was sleeping.

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It's getting better, like people said it would. He doesn't struggle as much to go down to sleep initially as before, but he is waking 2-3 times within the first couple hours (when he goes down at night) but manages to make it through rest of night and nap time now. Funny thing is that he still makes a sucking noise in his sleep. I went into his room yesterday and he was out cold but I could see and hear him sucking away without the pacifier!