can't wait for tommorow

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can't wait for tommorow

I am finally having my first appointment tomorrow. wish me luck. i am soo super exctied. talk about anticipation building.

I do have to wait all day tho, and i just hope he is in the office since it seems like every time i have an appointment he has to rush off to deliver a baby, or has already left to. another joke is that i am his baby luck charm. it has happened now about 4 or 5 times.

I am not sure why but my mom asked if i was leaving Lilly with her while Dh and i go to the appointment.
I said i don't know, but i guess i just assumed i would take her with me? now i don't know, but i want to include her if there is a scan. I am sure we will get to hear the heart beat.

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We took Stetson to the doctor with us last time for my Ultrasound and he absolutely loved it. He kept asking if that was baby boy or baby girl and really like hearing the heart beat. I will be taking him to all the appointments, unless he is having a bad day. We have our NT scan this Friday and plan to keep him out of daycare for it Smile

On another note he is only really interested in the baby during the appointments. On a normal day he acts like he doesn't have a clue.

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Excited for you! Hope your appointment is fabulous!