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Checking in :)

Hi ladies. Smile
Just wanted to check in, I'm so so sorry that I haven't been on much. It's been a hard few weeks for us here.
I'll be 39 weeks on Sunday, and with my bp issues, she wants to induce me Tuesday and be grateful we've made it this far! I'm all for it. We've been going twice or three times a week to the doctor for about the last 6 weeks for tests, monitoring and checking. My dr says I'm in the beginning stages of pre-eclampsia, but we've just been trying to make it through to term before we had major complications. I'm tired of worrying about this little one, I want him out here where I can check on him! So we're looking at the 18th for our boy to come.

This is my last pic from about a week ago:

I really hope everyone has been doing well. I need to go through the threads now and update myself!! Smile

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Hi everyone. Sorry you are having BP issues still Susan. Hope everything goes well with your induction.

I'm still pregnant here. My health seems to be doing well, nothing indicating HELLP this time around. My OB did cervical check this past Wed at 38 weeks. I was 3cm dilated and 90% effaced. He said he thought I had slim chance of making it to weekend, but here I am Smile I was glad I was able to get my CPR recertification done today. Now I feel like my schedule is wide open for baby's arrival and we are all prepared here at home. I have caregivers lined up for DS and several backup caregivers in case we can't reach someone. I have been having irregular contractions in evening and at night, but then they usually go away and I just have pressure and light cramping during the day. Just kind of waiting, but also trying to keep somewhat busy so I don't go crazy, though in hindsight I should be relaxing while I can Wink

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Sorry about the BP! Good luck with your induction and have fun snuggling your new little man!

So gad you are feeling ready to go Christina--I'm definitely not feeling it yet. It will probably come back to bite me that I am expecting a late baby and feel like I have all this time left, when in all honesty, you just never know! Smile

I had my OB appt on Thursday and baby was riding so high, my dr pulled in the u/s machine just to make sure it was a head she was feeling down low and not a bum! She said with a baby that high at 37+ weeks, they worry about breech! Luckily she is still head down. I didn't see much of baby with the u/s because she is so enormous at this point and it was just the little portable machine. But still got to see a little Smile I am not quite ready, though we are getting there. Dh still needs to pull out some of the baby stuff from the garage, but he's in no big hurry. With baby up so high, neither of us really feel like she'll come any time soon (like I said, that will probably come back to bite us). So I am 38 weeks today and feeling like she will probably make her arrival about March 8-10 (due the 2nd).