Chronic headaches

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Chronic headaches

Anyone else dealing with bad headaches on a daily basis? I would almost go as far to call them migraines. I've had a horrible headache for the past 2 days straight. Tylenol does absolutely nothing to cure them. I'm having a hard time functioning and have been nauseated. I had them here and there a while back, but it seems like they are continuing to get worse and worse. Sad Does anyone know if there is anything stronger I can take? I will admit, I've tried taking a couple ibuprofen as that usually works better then Tylenol (I figured 1 time wouldn't be detrimental) but even that did nothing for me! Ugh! Any suggestions? I do have a bottle of Tylenol/codeine from a while back, but it makes me nauseated so I try to steer away from it.

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I am in the same boat. I usually just wait till I get home and buddy is in bed. I take Tylonel PM and hope it's gone by morning. I would suggest asking your doctor. I have an Appt on Friday and Plan to talk about it with her. I am miserable. Cool towel on the back of my neck helps a little too.

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mine are usually sinus related (usually high sinus so those nasal rinses do nothing)... I take a couple Tylenol and drink a coke (since I don't drink coffee my caffeine intake is generally pretty non-existent anyway) and that helps

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Sorry you are dealing with such intense headaches. When I get headaches now it is usually from dehydration (since it is so hot) or not eating enough (because of nausea and vomiting), so I usually try to remedy that first if I can. If Tylenol alone has not worked, you could try Tylenol and caffeine together, like Excedrin Tension Headache or just drinking a caffeinated beverage with your dose of tylenol like was suggested before. Cold (or heat depending on what you like) compresses to temples, across the eyes, and/or base of neck may also give you some temporary relief. Hope you find something that works!

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I am having some major headaches, but i think its more from work than hormones. I had the hormonal ones earlier on. You're right, Tylenol doesnt really touch them.

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I have only had a handful, i keep them at bay buy going to the chiropractor, such a life saver.

I used to have migraines 2-3 times a week, but since my car accident 4 years ago, i started going and migraines are almost non existent, however i did get one at about 7-8 weeks, i went in got adjusted in the AM and it was gone by mid afternoon.

Now that being said, i usually go once a month for maintenance, but while pregnant i tend to go every 2 weeks, since things shift out of place much easier, and all the changes.

i can't promise it will work but i figure its worth a try.

so sorry you all are suffering so bad.

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I had major migraines and had my OB write me a prescription. It's butal-acet-caff. He prescribed it for me for my last pregnancy, too. It helps a lot. Tylenol never touches my migraines, only Advil. Thankfully, they are starting to calm down.

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I was having horrible headaches until I upped my iron by eating more meat and dark greens and never forget my prenatal. I last pregnancy I was borderline anemic so I figured maybe I would be this time too since I just had my last baby 18 months ago and it takes a while for iron stores to build up again. The absolute exhaustion and headaches have gone down now with extra iron.