Clogged duct before breastfeeding?

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Clogged duct before breastfeeding?

Is it possible to have a clogged duct before breastfeeding? My left nipple is giving me some intense pain...the girls recently seemed to have taken on a growth spurt (like within the last few days) and are pretty sore. It actually feels almost like they are engorged. However on the one side my (I think) Montgomery glands are very swollen and sore. I am leaking colostrum from time to time, so I was wondering if its possible for it to either be a clog or possibly infection? Never in my past 3 pregnancies have I experienced this- anyone had this before or know what it might be? Heat seems to help a little, but obviously I can't walk around with a hot compress on my nipple all day, lol. If I massage the area it's tender and painful, but I'm thinking this may be the only way to release the clog (or whatever it is) Ugh. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I remember using cold cabbage leaves in the past to help with engorgement, maybe it would also help with clogged ducts especially since you aren't pumping/nursing currently. I just placed the refrigerated leaves in a layer over my breast inside my bra and removed/replaced when the leaves became warm and wilted. Massaging the area (which you are already doing) after applying hot compress or during warm shower would be my only other suggestion. Hope you find something that helps!

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Maybe try hand expressing?

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not sure what to tell you, I personally would call my lactation consultant at my Dr. office. you may have infection, but sounds odd considering your only leaking colostrum. I am too but no problems of feeling what you are describing.
I would think that pumping wouldn't be good, but i could be wrong. i wouldn't want to start anything contraction wise, but mother s also continue to nurse while pregnant. so idk.... sorry not much help.

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Thanks for the help ladies! I'm going to give it until tomorrow to see if it clears up. If not, I will put a call into my nurse. I have just been trying to massage it and put heat on it. Seems a *little* better today. A hot shower is on the agenda once d/d goes down for her nap. Hopefully that will help too. Yes, I'm also too afraid to try and pump it for fear of causing contrax (And a lot of pain!) so I will just continue to do what I'm doing. It is VERY odd :/ I wouldn't be as concerned if my other breast felt the same way, but the other side is just sore. Nothing painful or out of the ordinary. Hmmmm???

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Yes, it can happen! I'd try massage and hand expressing (obviously stop if it starts giving you contractions). Good luck. It's no fun.

Also, you might ask about taking soy lechitin. I'm not big on taking supplements unless needed, but after hearing my crazy clogged duct/mastitis history (mastitis with fever 5x with my first 3 kids, lots of sore red clogged ducts, couldn't wean DS3 at 26mo because I kept getting clogged ducts, etc) she recommended soy lecithin supplements 3x a day and I haven't had a clog since, even with my new-baby-engorgement (Okay, I had one or two, but they cleared really easily when then baby nursed). I was really skeptical, but I've been convinced.