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Cloth Diaper Mommas

I am not sure what here cloth diapers but is having a sale on them right now. in the kids. All about baby section. Thought I would share the goods. 8 a piece not a terrible price

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TFS! I cloth diaper but I'm hoping my current stash of FB OS will be enough to cover both new baby and DS for a few months until DS can transition to training underwear and/or become potty trained. We used disposables the first month as the one sized pockets we have were too big for DS so we may end up needing to do same this time around. I anticipate a lot of laundry in my future, but glad I'm getting my money's worth out of these diapers Blum 3

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I did cloth for the majority of year one, but then i had some issues i wasn't prepared to deal with. i quit when i decided that 5-6 diapers wasn't enough to warrant the wash and i could never leave dirty diapers sit for more than a day period. I am thinking about getting some nice cloth trainers though as for some reason or another dd has stopped dead in her potty training pants. we are on a potty learning break. i really wan t her to be successful the next go around so i will only have one in diapers.