Cold and Snow!

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Cold and Snow!

Anyone else getting this huge storm??

I'm in central/upstate NY.
We are in for the whole 12-18 inches. AND that arctic air is hitting us too, so we are expecting it to be a HIGH of 3 degrees tomorrow, and wind chills tonight to be -25. INSANE. Oh, and it's actually going to warmer in Nome, Alaska than here. Seriously. And colder than Siberia. I looked it up. Colder than Siberia.

I'll take all the snow, but can it stay above 20 please? 20 isn't too much to ask is it??

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That is cold! 20 degrees F knocks my breath away so I can barely imagine what 3 degrees and below must feel like. Keep warm!!!

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yep you are getting our storm, we had only 2 inches this time but for you i am sure the storm will pick up all the moisture from the lakes. sorry but we are having like -15 below wind chills here in the Midwest. and like temps of 2 degrees.