Contractions and cervical thinning

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Contractions and cervical thinning

Well, here we go......
I've been having contraction on and off for a few weeks but yesterday was a pretty bad day. I had mots of lower back pain that was unrelenting with position changes. After I got home i was nauseated and just felt bed in general. So today i went for a check up and although I wasn't dilated, the length had decreased by enough that he was concerned. I had also started to develop some swelling, my BP was up some, and i had gained 3 pounds in 6 days..... Since I had only gained 12 pounds total, and my rings are tight, i know its fluid. I am trying to be more conscious about drinking water and taking rest breaks.

So, off i went for my first beta methasone injection, will get another tomorrow. They also took me to no more than 4 hours a day for work. This shouldn't be an issue until the new semester starts in January. Luckily i work with fantastic people that will cover my stuff for me without issue. I have about 4 months of leave time accrued, and if i have to use it before delivery, they have assured me that they will donate leave time for me. I had planned to take 6 months off, 2 of those would be without pay and benefits but i had already kind of planned for that. I am hoping that I can be creative with scheduling and make it to delivery, which i am just really hoping to get to 35 weeks now.

If I can avoid the NICU this time, that will be the gold medal. Tt at was so hard last time, i just dont want to go through that again.

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Hug!! I'm 4 weeks from when I had my first and I'm stressing a bit

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oh my thoughts and prayers to you and keeping lo baking as long as possible. take it easy mama.

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Hope baby stays in much longer and you reach your goals! Hopefully the reduced hours will help and it is great you have such supportive co-workers Smile

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I hope everything stays where it should! Make hubby take very good care of you! Smile

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Hope baby keeps baking for you!!! I'm sure the extra rest will help. I know it will be hard to rest with all the holidays coming up- do you have family/friends close by to give you an extra hand? Keep those feet up momma:)

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Well, we have changed our holiday plans quite a bit to accommodate. Or, me and my mom have anyway. DH has never realized the work that goes into a magical holiday, but i dont think most of the do.....
But, instead of going to my parents 3 hours a way for thanksgiving, they are coming here and it will not include the extended family that it does at my parents house. So, simpler for sure. My mom is going to stay through the weekend and help me wrap Christmas presents and get some freezer meals done.
I've done with most of my christmas shopping, and I'm glad for that. Just gotta get things for DD and DH and makes a Few simple things for coworkers.
It is hard to keep a 3 year old entertained while not being super active.... But I'm trying.
Thanks for the thoughts and support.
I will keep you all updated, especially after Wednesdays appt when they measure my cervix again.

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Sorry I am getting to this so late.
Hoping that baby keeps baking for you and for good news on Wednesday.