Does anyone else have a family that makes them INSANE!!??

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Does anyone else have a family that makes them INSANE!!??

Seriously, going to bite one of them!

We've traditionally done christmas at my house because I was the only one with kids and they all said that kids should stay home and not travel on christmas. That kind of faded a couple years ago, as mine are pretty old now and enjoy visiting.
So my mom says to come up and stay with her and her boyfriend. Ok. Great. What day? So she and my sister take a good month to figure out their schedules for work. So we were going to go stay with mom on the 28-31.

Then the schedules changed for my sister. So I have to bother everyone at work to try to get different days off on the holidays (oh that's fun, people here love me now!). So now, we were set to go stay with mom on the 27-29th. My sister hates my husband because he had a stupid argument with her 6 years ago, and she can't let things go. So she is telling me I should just come without him. Even if that weren't annoying in itself, does she think I'm traveling so far alone at 33 weeks pregnant?? :dry:

Then last night mom called me and suggested that maybe we'd be happier at a hotel nearby! So now she wants me to come and visit for a couple hours on the 27th and just stay in a hotel instead of with her. What the heck? :mad:

I'm tired and don't feel like the 5 hour drive each way, anyway. Then the scuffle over the schedules, my sister pouting because Tom is coming made my head hurt and made me grit my teeth. But now being tossed out of mom's house too?? Not exactly feeling the love. But I feel obligated, because I DO love them and miss them.

But I'm tempted to just stay home now. Instead of running all over, spending the christmas money on a hotel and gas, and dealing with my sister's drama, just sitting home and enjoying the week I have off. I will have the 21-31st off with nothing to do but be with my kids and tom and my puppy. And just relax. But that makes me feel so guilty!! :confused:

What would you do?? (besides kill them, because Tom already tossed out that idea )

Anyone else with crazy family?

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I would definitely stay home. I would not want to spend the money on the hotel and more meals/ snacks out. I would prefer to stay home and just relax.
Thats what we're doing this year. Last year, we asked my parents to come here isnt ead of us going there because add was old enough tht we wanted to be at our home on Christmas morning. So, we are doing that again this year. Even if we hadn't have started a new tradition last year, that would still be the plan for this year. I dont want to ride in a car for 3 hours and sleep in a bed that is not mine and be away from my doctors and hospital with everything that is going on.
I know you said you'd feel guilty, but it sound like they are kinda forcing your hand that way. You can politely decline and it doesn't have to be ugly. I'd just explain that it is expensive, and also fairly uncomfortable and this year you'll just pass and see them after baby is born.
But thats just me.....
Good luck!

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I would stay home. If you need someone to blame, say your doctor/mw would rather you didn't travel.

Enjoy your time off!

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I would stay home in that scenario. It sounds like they keep changing their minds which doesn't help you and sounds like it will cost you more money in the end. You are far enough along that playing the pregnancy card seems more than reasonable enough. Enjoy the time with your (smaller) family and pup!

We finally decided we are going to be hosting my family here for Christmas Day. I'm happy because people's expectations are lowered slightly for what I can do now so they will either pitch in and help here or stuff just won't get done and that's okay (we are pretty low key anyway). I love the idea that I will wake up in my own bed and not have to pack everyone up to go somewhere else...that is worth it for me Smile

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:lurk: Stay home.

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I DO! But we are not spending Christmas with them this year. We are going to dh's family, not mine!

But seriously, I wouldn't go. They've made it easy to want to stay away, IMO. And how many times will you have this good of an excuse? Wink

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Definitely don't go! I'm 100% sure you should stay at home in that scenario and not feel a bit guilty. They should feel guilty for messing a pregnant lady around. I'd also just say I'd been advised not to travel if I wanted an easy get-out. Enjoy some peace and quiet over Christmas Smile

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Yes my family does drive me nuts.
MIL told me like a week before Thanksgiving she had to buy tickets to visit Dh's brother and I had to take her to the airport... at 4 am on the Sunday before Christmas so she could save $50 on the ticket. I told her um no not in the middle of winter and not before the sun is up. I am hardly getting the sleep i need as it is. take a freaking cab an airport shuttle or drive your self they have secured parking.
Oh and i guess Dh and our daughter have to host her for thanksgiving every year because his brother and their kids are more important. most family's switch off Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I also had to tell MIL that we would celebrate Christmas with her when she gets back because I am low on funds and haven't bought her gift yet. as well as all he holiday happenings that were already planned in advance.

Now Dh says we have to see her before she leaves because she has something for Lilly for our tree.. ugh another ornament. Dh is such a baby about it because "He won't see her until the new year".. wah wah wah that was her choice. geez.

Now i will have to start a rant thread... lol soo sorry. And that is just my in law issues.

I would also say stay home they can come to you or not... you don't need that stress.

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Thank you all very much!!! I think I am going to stay home. You all made me feel very much less guilty about it!

And Margaret - Thank you, what you said on the other thread made me realize it really was an option, not just me whining!! Smile