Double Strollers?

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Double Strollers?

Which one do you have and which one would you recommend? Do you love it

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We just bought our double stroller yesterday, but don't have any experience using it yet.

BabyTrend.COM - Sit N Stand - Ultra - SS66070 : Sit N Stand Ultra- Granite

I had been researching strollers and thought this sounded perfect for our needs over the coming years because I can put infant carrier in back and put DS in front seat, then when new baby is old enough to sit in stroller seat DS should be old enough use back seat or stand in back. BabiesRUs has it on such a good sale right now with coupon that I couldn't pass it up. We used a SnapNGo when DS was in infant carrier and umbrella stroller now so we are pretty basic when it comes to strollers, we tend to go for easy to use systems that are car trunk friendly Smile

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Had this one: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller, Elixer: Baby
Or something like it. DD was 2 when DS was born. She needed a real seat, but as she got older we took the seat part off the back and she was able to sit on the bench part. The car seat fit well in both seats too so we usually eneded up with the baby in the front and her in the back and she would sit and talk to him or play with his feet or whatever

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Anyone have experience with joggers? DH does not want a sit and stand.

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I am a stroller junkie! I LOVE my BOB Duallie....very expensive and bulky. My fav is the City Mini Double by baby jogger, lighter weight, not intended for jogging, folds easy and compact....for a double, and it wheels great. It is an amazing stroller IMO. Sorry to but in, but I LOVE strollers Smile GL

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:lurk: We LOVE our BOB Revolution double stroller. It's a must to the swivel front wheel, don't get the one with the fixed front wheel.

It's expensive but it's so easy to use. Easy to push.

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I want a bob double! I run all the time and I have a double jogger/trailer combo but it doesn't hold a small baby well. With this being #5, I don't think there is much I will need so I think I'll splurge on the Bob this time around Smile

I have had a graco duoglide with my first 2 and I like that, I currently have a baby trend sit n stand--just the kind that can have the front seat and back bench/standing and put the infant seat up front. I liked it. I used it a lot when I got it for my #2 and 3 because they were 2.5 years apart. I didn't use it much with my 3&4 because they were 3.5 years apart and I wore #4 a LOT in my moby and mei tai. And shortly after 4 was born 3 learned to ride a 2 wheeler so he rode on walks to the school to get kids etc. 4 and 5 will only be slightly over 2 years apart so I think I might use the sit and stand a little more--or I'll wear baby and push 4 in my single combi stroller. But for running, I definitely want a bob because I can't wear baby then Smile