Elective Ultrasounds?

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Elective Ultrasounds?

So I am on another birth board on a different site, which is much larger and, well had some pretty interesting people. One topic was how much is safe to drink while pregnant. One lady actually has a glass of red wine every night with dinner 0.o No thank you.

Sorry rambling off topic now. I wanted to know how many of you ladies will be going to an Elective ultrasound place at about 15 to 16 weeks to find out the genders? It seems to be extremely popular.

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I couldn't afford to if i wanted to, I would if it was offered for free. i think it is around $250 here and I would much rather put that towards hiring a doula, or something I will need. I am a thrifty and frugal mom, because i am practical , and i have an addiction to clearance sales, coupons, and I just can't justify spending that kind of money when i can have at least 2 scans at the dr. office. Not to mention we probably won't be finding out the gender this go around either. i kind of want to know but DH and my mom don't. it is one of life's only surprises anyway.

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I won't be having one. I'm honestly the most impatient person, but, IF we end up deciding on finding out the gender, I can wait until my 20 week u/s. It's not like the gender is going to change if I wait those few extra weeks. I haven't really decided at this point if I even want to find out. It would be fun to have our final baby be a surprise. We found out with our other 3. I can so totally see myself caving though and finding out. I have my Nuchal Screen this coming Tuesday...with d/d I found out at the Nuchal she was (is) a girl and I was about 13.5 weeks. Of course the tech. Couldn't be sure, but, sure enough- she was right. We will see, but no, either way- no elective u/s for us!

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I did with my son, During our 20 week U/S he was shy and hiding the goods, and I couldn't not know, (I'm a planner, it's horrible) So we had a 3D done at the same time, it was pricey, but absolutely worth it. We have pictures and video from the U/S and it's a priceless thing to have from when he was still in the belly. I'm not sure if I'll do it this time around, the closest place to us now is in Rhode Island (And it's not really that close) and we've debated not finding out with this baby. So, if baby decides to be shy, then we'll have a surprise Smile

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It's less than $60 to have it done here, and we will do it but only if we can't see at the 20 week ultrasound for some reason, as that one is free. Usually my consultant also puts the 3D on anyway for free, so we got some amazing pictures from our 20 week ultrasound. It's one perk of being high risk.

Finding out the gender was particularly important for DH. It helped him mentally prepare. So we want to know again. I like knowing too. Smile

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I don't think I would do an elective scan just to find out the gender early since we will be doing a 20 wk anatomy scan at the clinic. However, some of you raised a scenario I didn't consider: if you want to know but the baby does not flash their package (or lack thereof) during that scan. I guess as much as I would like to know because I am a planner, I guess I would take that as a sign that baby wants to surprise us and hope I have the patience to wait the rest of my pregnancy.

ETA: I was curious about pricing since I never looked into it before. The closest elective u/s place to me offers them for $65 for just gender determination (w/ 2D ultrasound); about $80 for 2D scan package (includes pictures, DVD); $164 for 3D/4D scan package

I think my current clinic charges a small fee (like $5) if you want the scan on disc.

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I get a crap ton of scans - covered by insurance mostly because they're medically necessary (c-sec, diabetes and pre-e histories) so if we miss out on the 20 week scan there will be. Others

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Im hoping to find out the gender the 20 week u/s. if not, im really not sure what I'll do. I dont know how much the cost is here. Maybe I'd see if the tech would let me go drink something with sugar and caffeine and move a round a bit and try again. Maybe they would be feeling generous..... But who knows.