ER Today, Everything is ok.

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ER Today, Everything is ok.

I was out and about with my DS we saw plans and then went to the mall to buy a couple things for me to fit into. I started to have some issues, really hot and sweaty. I then Started to get extremely dizzy, and had to call my neighbors to come pick me up from the mall because I didn't feel comfortable driving, DH is out of town this weekend for work. By the time we got back to the houses which are about 10 mins away, I was cramping really badly, so My neighbor Sarah took me to the ER and we found out that my blood pressure was really high and I was pretty dehydrated, which I don't understand I probably drink 8 to 10 cups of water a day. But we got to see the baby. Everything looks great with the bug. They assume the cramping was from the Dehydration. I have a picture here but, it's not a good one. The doctors there gave me a prescription the keep my blood pressure down and suggested that I make a doctors appointment for Monday. So over all a very eventful day and I am extremely thankful I have the neighbors that I do. They decided to keep Stetson over night, which I am happy and sad. So now I sit and wait, Until Monday, I assume I will have another ultrasound and hopfully will have a better picture. I am now. off to bed, I hate ERs...

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Glad to hear that all is better now.
Im curious to hear if they decide to keep you on BP meds from now on or what. Is it really hot where you live???

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Oh yikes!!!
I'm so glad everything is ok. I hope the meds work and all goes smoothly now!

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Yuck- that doesn't sound fun! I'm glad baby is ok though! I had something similar happen when I was pregnant with d/s. I was heading to work (which was about 5 mins. Away) and as soon as I stepped out if my car, I got super dizzy and lightheaded- also very nauseous...I thought for sure I was going to pass out (which I've never done before) but was ok after a couple mins. Of just sitting down. Never went to the doctor, but, it was very scary. I assumed in my case it was dehydration. Very scary. Hope your u/s goes well today- KUP!

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Yikes that must have been scary! Glad your neighbors were able to help, and you and baby are doing okay.

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So glad you are okay, sorry for such a late reply. Dehydration has such shocking effects and can come on so fast. My dad became dehydrated during an illness earlier this year and it was genuinely terrifying. It affected his mind and we thought he had had a stroke, but it was very temporary. Definitely something to avoid in pregnancy. Hopefully now you know it can happen unexpectedly you can keep a check on it. x