Extreme irritability.

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Extreme irritability.

Anyone else feeling majorly irritable? I cannot kick it- I have been the biggest b**ch over the past few weeks. I have been SO short with my poor d/h and kids...I'm sure they think I've gone completely insane. I feel terrible about it, but I just can't seem to get out of this funk or control my anger. I've avoided friends just b/c I have no filter right now. I'm afraid I will snap and say something I will regret to them too. This is SO not like me- I'm usually very good at keeping myself relatively calm, even in stressful situations or if I'm mad. I just feel as though I have lost it. I told my d/h last week I was so sick of our kids and need to get away from them! What kind of mother says that!? Then I refused to go to the pool with d/h and kids because I couldn't stand to be around anymore kids!!!? What is wrong with me??? I know hormones can be a huge factor and I am feeling a lot of added stress right now with financial/personal issues but I have NEVER in my past 3 pregnancies been this mean and short tempered. Ugh. Please tell me I'm not alone. If I am alone in this, does anyone have any suggestions on how to cope? This has got to stop!

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You're not alone. I find myself like this at times, too. Actually last week i really noticed how irritable and impatient i was being with DD especially in the mornings. I really looked at the situation and tried to figure out the deal. I realized that i was really hungry, and trying to get her to get ready and whatever so that i could go downstairs and get breakfast. So i started getting myself a large glass of ice water and a banana or some dried fruit and took it backstairs with her skippy cup of juice. That way we both had something to tide us over until i was finished getting ready for work. I have also noticed that i get extra irritable when I'm super tired. So I've tried to just give myself permission to lay down on the couch for a little bit when i get home in the evenings.... Even if shes watching a little tv, its not going to stunt her brain too much.
Bottoms line, i am having to remember to take care of myself too. That way i have something in reserve for when she or DH acts like the kids they are. Smile
So dont beat yourself up for sitting out a day at the pool, you have to give yourself a break. Remember, you're growing a human..... And you only have some much to give to everyone else.

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I thought Amber put it really well, but I wanted to chime in and say you are not alone in your irritability. I find myself snapping at DH a lot more, even when he has nothing to do with it. I have less patience when DS is being whiny or throwing a tantrum. I'm trying to give myself moments to decompress, clear my head and let the steam that is building up in me simmer down. Sometimes I cannot do it right away when I need to because of the current situation which can be harder, but I do take advantage of when DH is around and just say I need ten minutes or whatever to myself so he can watch DS and then go into our bedroom or go outside even if just to sit in our backyard. Sometimes a physical activity like pulling weeds is very satisfying to me during those moments (take out my frustration on the weeds Lol I also try to take advantage of DS's nap times to have some me down time instead of running around the house trying to get more stuff done. Anyway those are my strategies right now.