First Dr. appt. today!

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First Dr. appt. today!

Well, everything looked GREAT:cloud9:
baby is measuring appropriately, and they are moving my due date to 2/7.... so you'll see my ticker is a little further advanced.
We discussed previous history of preterm delivery and the removal of my uterine septum. (It was very large, took up about 75% of the free space in my uterus, therefore the scar is also huge). He agreed with the infertility surgeon that a vaginal delivery would not be safe.... too high a risk of uterine abruption. I wasn't that upset... I wanted a vaginal delivery, but I already knew what the surgeon had said, so I was expecting it. I have a lot of scar tissue form the incision getting infected, so at least with a repeat c/s they can clean all that out. He said we would have a c/s about 37-38 weeks along. So, it looks like we will be having a late January baby!
I don't have a digital copy of the u/s...... sorry.
Heart rate was 176. Very happy with that Smile

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Sounds awesome!!! Smile Happy all is going well!!'s picture
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Yay!! Congrats on a great appointment! And what a nice heartbeat!!

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glad to hear your appointment went well.

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Sounds like baby is doing well Smile